Vikas Swarankar
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Hi let me tell you something about me first.

I am Vikas Swarankar and I am have been living on this mother earth for almost 26 years.

I have spent these 26 years in my development or I would say in developing my skills in the area of creative field, i.e. called as design (to think).

For me creativity has no definition, creativity is a thought process and it is the realization of the phenomenon which makes one creative.

I graduated as BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts (in Applied Art) from Rajasthan School of art at Jaipur Rajasthan the land full of colours. And I would love to that this place was a milestone in my life, which gave me a way to look at things.

Before joining the Art school I dreamt about lot of things. I never wanted to be a still child, by still I mean I was a person filled with thoughts ready to explore and explode, (still I am).

At the Art school I learned the basics of seeing art and appreciating it, along with nature as nature has been always a sense of inspiration for me.

By nature in particular I mean how we grow, how things grow and die as well and then grow again. This seems at times a never-ending process so beautifully done by someone up there.

This phenomenon always stroked me, which initiated my thinking more deeply towards the subject.

I started painting and making installation art with deep thoughts behind them, when I was in college, thought I was an applied art student.

These paintings and installations were an instantaneous flow of thoughts put together.

After graduating I looked out at the world with one question in mind what?? I thought that now this was the end of all fun and enjoyment of the learning.

But NO ........ Infact I would say this was the beginning of a new space for thoughts to generate.

When I went back home and started looking for jobs along with my portfolio, which was a result of four years of college. I found that people were actually curious to know more about the work and me and had their own questions.

And answering their questions in a confident and a matured way showed me the path.

I got a job as a visualiser at Perfect Communications, and advertising and Media Company based in Delhi.

At this place I learnt the actual flow of work in the real environment. Then only I came to know that how important was the approach towards presentation and had so much value to itself along with good work as well.

How important was the care of the client and most importantly the time.

The project, which I would like to mention here, was an event, which I became a part of. The event was to design and conceptualize a theme for a conference where working for the same day and night was fun.

Digital printing was the newest thing, which I learnt there, use of plotter to generate the output, making files to be given to the printer and knowing the tips and trade of the profession on the way.

After working here for a year I shifted to multimedia as it was the newest thing and made me curious how can I play a role in the same.

But I was disappointed there not because of the mew media but because my thoughts were going waste, I was just doing a mechanical work, brain was at complete rest. That did not stopped me from looking for opportunities, and soon I got a chance to make a move from there to the world of IT and the land of silicon Valley of India i.e. Bangalore.

I Joined Velankani as a designer at Bangalore.

This was again a turning point in my carrer ......I got to see a new way of work atmosphere. More of teamwork and initiatives were made during the work period.

Work got a new dimension here, which comprised of how to put forward the idea collectively in front of the client.

As I was a bit experienced in terms of work, so I also got responsible and took initiatives in my work methodologies, e.g. fixing up meetings with clients, vendors. Showing discussing and choosing were now the key areas where I started concentrating on.

The expectations were high from my side and also technology was to be taken care of while working. This is where I got my first hands on the MAC machine.

Shifting from PC to MAC was a bit scary for me at first but once I had a hand on MAC. I would be glad to say that (MAC), this is a machine which gives a designer a so called a cutting edge; whether it is in terms of colour or output, it is total new work experience on this machine.

And suddenly time took a turn and I landed up in IDC.

What is IDC ......Hey IDC is a place which is like heaven for a creative mind......where a person gets the way to look at things from diff point of views rather a rigid approach which I was before coming to this place.

For me it was a dream comes true. This was again a time for more fun while learning.

I would not hesitate in saying that IDC is a place, which not only makes us think more deeply but also makes us think what we are doing.

Sincerely I would be under debt of knowledge, given here by all the Professors. I would say they are a Jewel in themselves, who have dedicated their lives in order to educate people and making then more design conscious. I would like to repay sincere thanks to them.

After joining IDC I came to know how less I knew till now and there is lot to be learnt, infact there is no end to learning design. One more thing is that..."learning by doing" is the best way to grow.

Prof. Kirti Trivedi.... has been an icon. After being here for more than a year his thoughts have changed the way of looking at things, which I never bothered before, while working.

His saying always rings in my ears, but I am not able to express my views to him, I would one day through my work that is the aim of mine now.

I am under the Visual Communication course at IDC, IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai.
Now I am in third semester.

Though the course has been wrapped around tightly but this gives us a real time working experience.

Digital imagery and Typography has always fascinated me and they are my interest areas. The new media has also knocked at my mind and I am exploring that through my Project on Eye Care. The objective of the project is to provide information to the people about eye and its care. This project is under development.

Another thing, which I would not miss to mention as the approach towards life and things happening around us.
I mean that we take lot of things for granted and wait for things to happen. Here at IDC what I have learnt is that you have to be proactive and optimistic in approach and also think before working.

Thinking before working is the concept, which is at times neglected, in the advertising industry.

Think before working also means to understand that we are Indians and have to make an approach in our design which are more Indian looking rather than just scanning some stuff from the black books and just manipulating here and there, and adding a tag of creativity at the end.

The credit of thinking before working goes to all the professors at IDC, especially Prof. Kirti Trevedi.

As I am still in a phase of learning and have many things in mind but I would soon or would say that have come to and aim to be met in life and that is to give my best in which ever field I am working, keeping in mind culture, needs and human behavior for that particular piece of design which I am responsible for.

This change of thinking has been really helpful in working and looking at things from a different point of views.

The experiences shared by Prof. Kirti Trivedi about life sometimes take me in deep thought and mystery of what we are doing, just cutting and pasting things. Designer is supposed to be creator and not imitator.

Designer makes a mark on the society, they responsible for the change and thinking of the people.

If the designer wants, he can take the whole command in his hands and could achieve in changing the point of views of the people as well.

And this change of point of view is, as I think is much required in the present day scenario where we are always surrounded by alien forms and objects, which state that they give more pleasure to the Indian society. I would not take any names here.

This is high time we thought in the Indian context rather than just taking what is given to us.
Think is the word, which would end and begin my point of view........ So "THINK"








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