'Tirkiinistra_Rode' by Dennis Báthory-Kitsz


In this issue of IDEA I would like to share my reflection of why I create art and how it expresses the direction/evolution I am moving in personally at the present against my background described in IDEA#6.

There is not much difference in subject matter and content of my work between the traditional medium of past years and the digital work that I have been creating for the last eight years. I have become fascinated by the dynamic interactivity made possible by the digital medium that is now the springboard for much of my art. The subconscious mind "discovers" hidden images and responds to new meaning leading to further exploration.

I have always thought of myself as a scientifically minded, rational person with a curiosity drawing me to new ideas and discoveries. Explorations with psychedelics in the far past were a source of self-searching but had been primarily a probing of my psychology and persona.

Now my interests include areas that I would have previously considered irrational and unfounded, such as the existence of dimensions beyond our normal awareness. The acknowledgement of these as being as real as our ordinary perception has made me willing to explore realities outside of these boundaries and consider them as valid. I am working with techniques of sounds and breathing to probe those new dimensions.

Having been told that my art is visionary and spiritual had made me somewhat uncomfortable in the past. It remains to be seen whether my work will take on the direction I am moving in.

Ursula Freer
Santa Fe, NM, USA





Lights in Forest




New Tulips



Planetary Orbits





Secret Garden


Soul of the Machine

Summer Night





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Ursula Freer
28 Avenida Las Nubes
Santa Fe, NM 87508, USA

e-mail: art@ursulafreer.com
wwweb: www.ursulafreer.com