Tina Rajan
'Glassy - DnA bent Vol. 2 featuring Recipe' by Dr. Rek


Hi! I am back again with a lot more on my palette!

It had been almost 10 years freelancing putting together an extensive folio and a clientele I am proud to be associated with.

It's time, I felt I have to re-invent myself and project a more comprehensive, complete design solution studio. Driven by creativity and the pursuit of excellence, the core competence lying in my ability to innovate with various mediums.

Some of the current projects the company is working on include brochure and web site designs for WISCOMP, newsletter for British Airways, cartoons for Fred Beckner (an American author), logo design for ITDC.

Tinatoons, set up in 1994, started out as a dream to establish myself as a Computer Graphics Designer. One project led to the other and life was going on.. and then I looked back on how far I had come. The one thing I had been missing out on was to constantly market Tinatoons. The first step was to spruce up our website with a better showcase of our expertise. I have also added a byline to the logo that indicates the area of expertise.

In this age of blurred demarcations, mediums are crossing over and versatility and flexibility is the key to survival. Having worked for print, video and the web, I am equally at ease with all three.

I have classified my portfolio and services under these three mediums:


  • Cartoons
  • Caricatures
  • Sketches
  • Portraits
  • Medical Illustrations
  • Logo and stationary design
  • Packaging
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Magazines
  • Invites


  • Cel and 3D Animation
  • Art Direction
  • Storyboard


  • Web sites
  • Interactive CDs

Some time back, I had an opportunity to work with an architectural firm wherein I designed and conceptualized artworks for restaurants. Menu, signage, stationery, Plate design and selection ~ a new field for me! It was an enriching experience and I have a couple of restaurants added to my folio too. I also got an opportunity to design and develop mementos for them. My detailed drawings for the mementos were very well received.

Medical Illustrations for bestonhealth.com was another opportunity I truly enjoyed. Interacting with medical experts gave me a lot of insight into the working of the human body.

'Simply SAsia' the quarterly Newsletter for British Airways another project where each issue inspires me to do better than the previous one. I am given a brief about the theme of the issue and the background, masthead, titles, illustrations and cartoons are woven around it. The caricature of the GM, that appears along side his note, is done in the spirit of the theme. The masthead features a saree from the subcontinent, again in the mood of the theme, and is shot be me.

All through my journey, I have met so many different people and the one thing I have always tried to do is to be sensitive to each ones ideas and yet allow my imagination to create and innovate in the available space. I believe every interaction, no matter how significant or not, enriches our lives and the gift is to be able to hold on to our dream, not at the cost of another!

The thought of doing a full time job crossed my mind a couple of times but I feel this choice of doing a variety of work, crossing over mediums, keeps my creative juices flowing and inspires to innovate.



Tina Rajan
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