Tibor Kovacs-egri
'Guitar Groove' by Shankar Barua


I was born in 1951. I live in Budapest (Hungary). In the past years I participated in different national and international exhibitions. My affiliation: Association of Hungarian Creative Artists.

About my works: I am appending below a small part from the catalogue of the international exibition "Science reflected in the Arts"(Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest-1999):

"The fine arts - just like art in general - has developed parallel with other spheres of learning thinking. The manner of expression in the works of the fine arts corresponds to the way man has seen things, to his aesthetic world of taste in different epochs. The materials and means have followed the new possibilities continually being offered by science, and the thoughts and feelings presented in the works have always been strongly influenced by the spiritual questions of the time, and the attempted answers to them.

"In the recent decades the development of the electronical communication and computer technology have caused a revolution in the way images are produced. Kovacs-egri takes full advantage of the new technology in producing his works, while sticking faithfully to the aesthetic norms of traditional graphic art. Computer technology has multiplied the means of the artist, enabling him to realize his graphic concepts faster and more precisely than ever before, and bringing experiments in the world of forms and colors out of the restrictions of pencil or brush..."


Solo Shows & Exibitions

  • 1999 Gallery of the Széchenyi Book Store, Budapest
  • 1999 Budapest Bank
  • 1999 Gallery of the Széchenyi Book Store, Budapest
  • 1999 Gallery of the Famulus Book Store2000 City Picture Gallery, Tiszaújváros
  • 2000 Sidney Appartment Hotel, Budapest
  • 2001 SO&HO Gallery, Budapest

Collective Shows & Exibitions

  • 1998 Graphics Biennial Tatabánya1999 International Exibition, Csorna City Museum
  • 1999 National Exhibition of Miniature Drawings, Nádor Gallery, Budapest
  • 1999 Print Expo - Budapest
  • 1999 International Exhibition, Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest
  • 1999 International Exhibition, Szombathely Picture Gallery
  • 2000 IV. National Pastel Biennial, Esztergom
  • 2003 International Exhibition PHLOX Gallery (Sonthofen, Germany)
  • 2003 International Surrealist Show, Gallery Sea Lion Studios (Bowling Green, Ohio USA
  • 2004 International Digital Art Show
  • 2004 Cork Gallery, New York (Second Prize)
  • 2004 Computer Art Digital Print Show 2004, New Jersey
  • 2004 4th Annual International Juried Cyberart Exhibition

European Art Tour: Webism - Art Connecting the World

  • 2003 "Espace Franquin" (Angouleme, France)
  • 2003 The Art Hotel Vienna
  • 2003 Airtport Conference Center, (Frankfurt)
  • 2003 Benczúr Gallery (Budapest)
  • 2004 Cork Gallery, NewYork

My virtual exhibitions

  • Truly Virtual Web ART MUSEUM

Tibor Kovacs-egri
Andrassy u. 98.

e-mail: kovacsegri@axelero.hu