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"The practice, theoretical development and production of artistic works that embody principles of an 'ecosophy' are best thought of as being part of a broader process of making sense of the world, and hence a way of determining engagement with it. The mix of Anthropomorphism and Ecosophy allows an exploration of this common thread of man versus nature via social, cultural and environmental metamorphosis to the early origins of life. The approach is deeply entwined within human concepts of individualism, difference, gender and morality; in other words all of what it means to be a human" © Steve Danzig 2003

About the works:

Anthrop-Ecosophy (first set below): "...this is brilliant, the strength of this work is stupendous, it represents clarity!" - Laurence Gartel (digital media pioneer) 2003.

Dark Eros (second set below) documents Sadeian behavior constructs. From Jungian archetypical psychology to social matrixes relating to religion, sexuality and socio-political metaphor. An interest in early religious European art depicting sexual iconography within the perverse and polysexual fetishist framework is deeply imbedded in this series. The work questions moral obligation and suggests that, "sexuality is the raw material of one of the most potent mythologies today. Individual and sexual fantasies depict in a symbolic way the human psyche. Ancient mythology of Gods, etc., have somehow lost their significance as symbolical representations of the human psyche" (Adolf Guggenbuhl-Craig/Moore). The work by nature is also reminiscent of early European cinematography or Operatic stage design.




Steve Danzig is an Australian artist working in digital media. He is the founder and Executive Director for the International Digital Art Awards (IDAA); 2004 Garnts Assessor National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA); Founder Australian Digital Art Association, Board Member Digital Academy University of North Carolina Pembroke, Member Academy for Electronic Arts-New Delhi, India; Juror, Museum of Computer Art-NYC, USA, Juror International Symbolist Exhibition USA and Member for the International Association For Computer Graphics, Russia,. Steve lectures and exhibits internationally. His art is featured in both hard copy publication and on many leading international CG web-galleries. More than 32,000 references to his work can be found on the Internet.

His IDA website supports more than 75,000 members - attracting more than 9 million people each year. Steve works collaboratively with many prominent artists, including Laurence Gartel, US artist/photographer and early digital art pioneer. Projects include a series of digital movies and music videos as well as preparing a Gartel retrospective and emerging artist's exhibition.

CV (short):


Deakin University - BA Fine Art.
Australian Institute of Psychology & Counselling


2004 Garnts Assessor National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA)
Founder/Director International Digital Art Awards (IDAA)
Executive Australian Digital Art Association
Board Member Digital Academy University of North Carolina Pembroke
Member Academy for Electronic Arts New Delhi India
Member - Association For Computer Graphics Russia
Juror, Museum of Computer Art NYC, USA
Juror, International Symbolist Exhibition USA


Konica/Minolta Australia - Current
DeskTop Magazine - Current
Digital ImageMakers International - Current
ADOBE - Current
Macromedia - Current
CANTO - Current
DES/BEST COLOR Technologies - Current
Dream Technologies Thailand - Current
Maxwell's/Nikon Australia
Digital Photography & Design Magazine Australia


Artist in Residence University of Tasmania 2004
Miami "WIRED" Digital Symposium 2003 USA
Rado Theatre Melbourne International Film Festival Cinema - "Danzig on Gartel and the art of Fetish" 2003
Queensland University of Technology, Australia 2003 (July)
University of Tasmania, Australia 2003
Victorian College for the ARTS (VCA) Melbourne university 2003 (Nov)
University of Nth Carolina at Pembroke, USA 2002
Queensland University of Technology, Australia 2002
University of Tasmania, Australia 2002
Artists On Art (ATOA) 2002 NYC USA
Melbourne University Australian Art Association Conference 2001


Print Council of Australia 2004
Print Council of Australia 2003
Computer Arts Magazine UK London January 2003
Australian Centre for Photography Photofile Magazine - 2003
Digital ImageMakers International - What is Digital Art - 2003
International Digital Art
EFX Art & Design 2003
Podium magazine (Slovakia) - profile of a digital artist 2002
Epson Now magazine 2nd edition 2002
Digital Photography & Design Magazine Summer issue - Danzig Profile 2001
Digital Photography & Design Magazine - IDAA 2001
Digital Arts Group article - The State of Digital Art (revised text)
Deeptapica Magazine USA
Studio211 - State of Digital Art
New York Times - The State of Digital Art 2000
The Melbourne Age - Digital Arts and Beyond 2000
Verve magazine/ImageSpeak - 13,000KM Cybertalk Jonah & Danzig 2000


Gartel Museum - online web site.
30 Years of Gartel - Digital media pioneer - Curatorial, MCA, Australia 2005 (TBA)
2003 Senior Art Director and Editor, Art of Fetish Video animations/soundscape and DVD - USA.

2004 Exhibitions:

State Museum of Fine arts, Bishkek, KYRGYZSTAN - Bishkek International exhibition of graphic art
Academy Gallery University of Tasmania Australia
QUT Art Museum Brisbane Australia
VCA Gallery - VCA University of Melbourne Australia

2003 Exhibitions:

DANZIG/GARTEL Digital Non-Stop During Art Basel Miami
Dark Eros: Rado Theatre Melbourne International Film Festival Australia
Devil's Play video animation Danzig/Gartel HOWL FILM FESTIVAL NYC
Vicious Threads Australian Fashion week National Gallery of Victoria Australia
Art Gallery Chicago USA
M'ARS Gallery Moscow, Russia
Museum of Non-Comformist Art St.Petersberg, Russia
VCA Gallery Melbourne University, MELBOURNE - Australia
EHCG International travelling exhibition
Academy Gallery University of Tasmania Australia
COFA University of New south Wales Australia
Queensland University of Technology Art Museum, Australia
University of Columbia University, USA (TBA)
Pembroke University North Carolina Gallery, USA (TBA)

2002 Competitions/Physical exhibitions:

Nikon Summer Salon Center for Contemporary Photography
LeVall Gallery Novosborisk Russia
IV2001 Conference exhibition London University
DIGITAL-ART EXHIBITION School of Oriental and African Studies -SOAS- University of London
Biennale Internazionale Dell'Arte Contemporanea Florence
International Association of Computer Graphics - Russia
QUT Art Museum Qld Australia
Noosa Regional Gallery Australia
Counihan Gallery Melbourne Australia
International Digital Art
University of Tasmania Art Museum
Gallery of Computer Art, Honolulu, USA
Forte Assinboine Library, Alberta, Canada
Town Hall Foyer Rathausplatz, Germany
Gallery Vlado Franjevic, Fuerstentum Liechtentstein
111 Design, Sculptor and Art Gallery, Calgary, Canada
Galarie im Stadtgable Bahnhofstrasse10 Germany
Den Hagg, Holland Netherlands
EHCC Rome Italy
Toray International Invitational Digital Award Tokyo Japan
Digital Consciousness
The Sunken Room Gallery, Rochester, NY USA
Ileana Frometa Grillo Fine Art, California USA
Chilkok-Gun Kyungsangbuk-Do, South Korea
Galerie Edwin Wiegele Haimburg, Austria
Galleriet, Groenbjerg, Denmark
Gallery Weidenhofer & Kuch, Germany
Universidade Federal de Rondonia, Brazil
Lincoln Center Cork Gallery NYC, USA
Chiyoda-town of Ibaraki Prefecture Japan 2002
New Gallery Santa Fe, New Mexico
IV Digital Art Salon - Cultural Center Pablo de la Torriente Brau, Havana, Cuba
Art For Life Gallery (AIDS Support), Kingston Jamaica

WWW Exhibitions:

International Digital Art
International Association of Computer Graphics - Russia
Toray International Invitational Digital Award Japan
Digital Consciousness
Museum of Computer Art (MOCA)
Digital Art Museum
D'art Gallery
Image Speak
Digital Arts Group
Artdept International 2000


Wetheim and Associates (Artists Agent/Attorneys at Law)


Gartel forward on Danzig: "STEVE DANZIG: LIFE AND DEATH" - Dark Eros by Laurence M. Gartel, Digital Media Pioneer <> February 29, 2003 [International Digital Art]

When was the last time you saw some art that "spoke" to you? When was the last time you saw artwork, that when you left it, .it lingered on in your mind? When did you last see a painting that just haunted you?

To talk about art these days one cannot help but think in terms of what's going on in the world. To just "discuss" art without its context to current events is like living in a bubble. America was just that way, till September 11th when they got a dose of reality that "no man is an island" and that evil and terror reside some several thousand miles away. ­ It hit home.

I make reference to all this because the art that is produced today by any artist worth his/her salt, has to have reference to "good vs. evil." It is no wonder that Hollywood is doing so well these days making movies with characters that over come diversity with super human powers. The scriptwriters have the luxury of making their cast members rise above and prevail in the end. Let's hope this is the case, but that is just the movies and not real life. - It is indeed fantasy land, and fiction. What is not prefabricated, is emotion and art.

Who best to describe the pain and anguish of life but the artist living in those troubled times? Those that could pick up a pencil or write with their finger in the sand have described war. The one thing that any human being cannot be stripped of is his desire to communicate. Artists are storytellers of the soul. They have a way of letting us know what is going on inside ourselves, which no man can speak of. Artist Steve Danzig is a man of his time. He has taken the responsibility of putting our feelings on paper. Life in times of uncertainty is surrealism. Life is unknown; life is confusing and perhaps even fleeting. "Here today, gone tomorrow. Life and Death."

When one thinks of war in the 20th century we are reminded of the atrocities that took place all over Europe. Man's evil to another man, and who described that surrealism better than artist Otto Dix. Living through two wars Dix illustrated death, destruction, and decadence people lived in both in their hearts and in their minds. Life was indeed surreal.

Steve Danzig's work has a haunting reference to "after the fallout." After the destruction, devastation, and eventual death. I call it "WHITE DEATH" because you can feel how alive people are in their movement to the after life. That transport from physical life to death is not an easy transition. You truly feel how life and the "mortar" of the material world is hard to let go of. Danzig's allegorical works are so reminiscent of Heronymous Bosch, Breugal, and Francis Bacon all combined in one. You feel the old, the ancient, and yet there is the future: Something that has a bit of irony in the after life.

What future is there when one is dead? Danzig poses this question repeatedly"WHITE DEATH" with life. You just can't help looking at these pictures. You are drawn in. Maybe there are some revealing answers about the future of death, where will we be going and how will we feel? I am certain that all of these questions are subconscious in a time of uncertainty and the lurking of mass destruction. Danzig has tackled this question head on. Indeed a man of his time writing a scenario we are all so inquisitive to follow.

Steve Danzig
PO Box 437
Elsternwick 3185