Shamima Abbas
'Facticity' by Gerald O'Connell


Certain things happen suddenly in life, which we might never have expected. About two months back I discovered myself in a completely new light. I was surprised to know that I have the ability to write creatively. To pen down my feelings and thoughts on the paper in the form of poems. Supported by my family members and friends I made my first movie clip in flash presenting poems which I had written. Since then, it has been appreciated and encouraged by everyone who has seen it.

About myself: I'm ms. Shamima Abbas a girl from an upper middle class family in India. I completed my studies with a Masters in Commerce, and am now into business. I am the CEO of my own firm. I am physically handicapped person. I have polio in both my lower limbs. But this disability of mine has proved a blessing in disguise. I love to accept challenges and converting these into success is my passion. I like to leave no work undone whether it's impossible or just difficult. In fact, there is no word such as "impossible" in my dictionary. I love to accept work which is not easy as this type of work requires skill, patience and determination, and has a lot of adventure in it. You get to know a lot from it. Acquiring knowledge is my thirst.

Pouring out pain and sorrow from within you in the form of poetry on paper is the best way to relax and express yourself. I have undergone pain and suffering and so know what pain is. I have experienced the intense suffering and ache of when dear ones go away from you. The separation, which kills you every moment when you remember him/her. This form of emotion is one of the parts of our lives which I find most important and necessary for living with some aim.

My figure of inspirations in every field of my life is my Mother. She has always supported me in the steps I take towards any work I do. She is my friend, philosopher and guide. She shares every secret of my life and encourages me to do better and better. Because of her I am in the position where I am: appreciated for my work whether it is business or poetry.

The interest of my life is painting, singing, contributing myself in social activities. I am a patriot. I love my country and always strive for its well being and prosperity. I would like to contribute myself the maximum towards its development. I am proud of being an Indian and always proud of its rich heritage.

Shamima Abbas
c/o Sunshine Bags
20, Pinjara Street
Mumbai - 400 003 (INDIA)