A faithfulness of a son towards his father is a doubt to others including to the father himself as well as the family members due to the consciousness created by the modern and evolving society, one can only justify his believe by acts and reactions retained from the experince of himself towards the family. View the experinces...

Can ONE survive on his OWN among the people he must trust the MOST?


have seen father since I was grown and growing...been together and will always be.Strenghten in the ever focused vision of achieving what father desires and seeks...strugling and will ever be strugling to achieve it...willing to die and stand against others for it.

Mother been together with father for the past 26years... still together,
disagrements,arguements and tipical
indian ethic thinking of togetherness no matter wat.

is it possible or the impossible and
how do you decide the
possible to be done and the impossible?
Even a simple matter of being faithful and greatful seems impsossible...

Then where do I stand as a faithful...a radical trying the impossible?

Came a year later after me,A very provocative and intensive opinion giver. Always on look out for the negative sides of things and things to come. Rebilious and very much his own ways and believe. Never agreed and spoke less to father. Against and adviced me many times on my looks towards a father son relation.Independent

Young,growing,lost and learning.Has the power to choose...choose between one to another's stand.Still choosing and very much tend to go towards the other side...

Can one retain his believe,creed and faith towards his father a midst the ever growing and fast paced world of greed,individualistic and materialistic towards the temperal works of the surrounding that provokes doubts and unbelieves?

Fight goes on...unity goes on and the disagreements towards my believe towards a father son relationships goes on day after day after day after day after day........




the Refrigrator FELL DOWN while fighting with brothers own...away...learn...grow..choose ___the SON's will own...away...learn...grow..choose ___the SON's will own...away...learn...grow..choose ___the SON's will BRO:Never give money to father...he will surely loose it....Father:Need  10 Thousand to do up the house....Son:...100 OKAY adulthood...money matter 1 adulthood...money matter 2 adulthood...money matter 3 adulthood...money matter 4 HEART Pumping...to the SOUL of the  MOnoCUlar Brain. MAN or under the armpit of MOM? still stayin at home for father sake? Son:Hide the report card for a week...father:A  HuGE STICK would do the job nothin...empty brain...lost and searching