Roopesh Sitharan

'Taberujikan - Fuzakenna : Everything We Do Is Gold' by Dr. Rek


I was born amidst the Urban atmosphere of the Capital City of Malaysia -Kuala Lumpur. Together with 2 other siblings,we were raised among the urban poor community of the developing nation. I saw my parents strive to raise the value and lifestyle of their growing sons and that gave me the spirit and inspiration to strive for excellence. As I grew, realized the changes that is taking shape among the society and the country as whole.

Technology is the buzz word for a developing country such as Malaysia leaving its influence and consequences to its residence and the society. It has been a very rapid growth and I am a person caught in between all the hyped growth. My interest with the technology started when I enrolled to Multimedia University for the Digital Media Arts Undergraduate Programme in May, 1997.

I was involved in several exhibition and shows during my school days and there was a constant issue concerning the practice of arts in the newly discovered field of technology among Malaysians. This problem appeared much clearer when I joined Faculty of Creative Multimedia,as a tutor in June 2001.Can this newly found media transform the way we research, analyze, teach, and present our work?

Knowing all too well that new technologies often bring us into an unrealized vision of the future I started my journey traveling along the practice of New Media Arts in Malaysia. I was involved in some National as well as International Projects and Showcases of Digital Arts such as the International Juried Immedia Digital Arts Showcase, goto ("Net.Art") from Asia, Third Place Gallery by Sony, Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA) 2002 Showcase. I was even featured as the Artist of the day at Museum of Computer Arts (MOCA). I also published works and paper on the thoughts and understanding I discovered concerning the practice of New Media Arts in Malaysia and currently contributing as an online publisher for

Despite all the intriguing prospects and experience of technological enthusiast, I realized exposure is the key in discovering and broadening my knowledge in New Media. Currently seeking an opportunity to pursue my academic achievement.Hopefully it will serve as career advancement and as an upgrade to be a better person contributing to the development of the society.Thats the least I would be able to do in improving the values which my parents have strived to raise.

Work Title : 3D Models
Description: Some models of sculptures and cafe design

Work Title : fermentation
Description: View website for the explanation:

Work Title : 3dss
Description: View website for the explanation:

Work Title : other works
Description: Compilation of works done through out year 2000 - 2004


Great Wall






Work Title : reality
Description: A state of being lost and confused between the virtual and the reality. The only thing that makes all things a reality is feeling. A feeling to reflect upon oneself and the surrounding thus creating a sense into us.

Work Title : Uploaddownload
Description: View website for the explanation:

Work Title : View
Description: View website for the explanation:

Work Title : Virtual City
Description: View website for the explanation:

Work Title : Going Back to Nature
Description: This performance was part of the Sonneratia Camp held at a Mangroove Forest,Kuala Selangor, Malaysia,2003. The idea was to capture the Spirit of Nature by being part of it and exposing the inner nature of ourselves.

Work Title : Ex-Space
Description: Website Designs done for X-space and Much Music Asia

Work Title : Rakan Muda
Description: Work done for Ministry of Youth presenting the "Rakan Muda" movement and development. Rakan Muda is a program created by the government to encourage Youths and Young adults to be engaged in useful activities and nurture a healthy lifestyle among future generation of Malaysia.

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Roopesh Sitharan
FCM, Multimedia University
63100 Talan Multimedia
Cyberjaya, Selangor