Renata Spiazzi
'R!g' by Curtis Bahn


If you have been following the mailing list "fine art" by now you'll know that there is a fight going on about the use of Poser, Bryce, and all of the Photoshop Filters. These are all new tools introduced for creating art.

What are they? They are part of the progress introduced in this facet of image making to aid the artist in his creations.

It's true they are something an artist never had before: an extra aid not only to help him in developing his ideas, but actually a help in creating new ideas. They are a stimulus for the artist to develop ideas that would not develop otherwise. But still, in order to make those special aids work in a creation, it is necessary to have a fertile ground where the seed being dropped, will make the aids work.

That is the mind of the trained artist.

If the mind does not have the capability of developing that seed, then it is evident that the aid is used as a crutch, but if the seed develops and works in the composition, then it shows that it has been digested, and it is valid.

We cannot refuse to use these aids. They are a part of progress, and as I always say: "You cannot fight progress, or even ignore it." So, here are my creations. I have been using filters since the time they were introduced to me, and I am still not intimidated by the "public opinion".

Whenever I need them, I insert them in my work, and still I have been told, that my work is being recognized as "mine".

So, thank you for the opportunity of showing my work on the "IDEA". As you can see I have been working and I am still using lots of filters. I cannot get myself to do with the computer things that you can do by hand... such as oil painting, watercolor, wood cuts. I really like to take advantage of what this fabulous machine has to offer and add to it all the knowledge accumulated during the years.

Here are my offerings: Enjoy each one of my images, and remember that progress was only one of the reasons they are existing!

Have a great day ~ Renata


'Amarillo' is a photomontage of two flowers, transformed with the use of filters

'Dances of my mind' is an example of different compositions with the same subject

'Evolution' is the use of Liquefy step by step

'Flowers of the imagination' originated with a photograph and through the manipulation of the photo with filters became a flower

'Listening to Mozart' was born with the manipulation of a fractal while I was enjoying Mozart

'Orchestration' - Another fractal manipulated with filters

'Painting of Nature' originated with a photograph of a bristlecone pine tree and through the manipulation of color became a painting.

'Searching' is the manipulation of a gradient while searching for a meaning

'Sounds of a Trumpet' - this title was suggested by the almost strident colors in it.

'Space Station' was started with a photograph and then manipulated to resemble a space ship

'Shipwreck' started with a fractal and through manipulation transformed

'One instant of fear' was being born when the shuttle exploded in space. I tried to feel what it was like for the crew.

More fascination with filters brought about the series of "My impossible Sculpture" It was called "Impossible" for the reason that it could not be realized in a 3D medium. There are too many pieces flying around it...
Enjoy them!

Renata Spiazzi
digital artist
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