Jan Willem Pieter Zandvliet
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10. paint your name on a wall


My Name is Pieter Zandvliet and I come and live in the Netherlands. With every work I try to put my imagination on canvas. I mix everything I see in my head, and it comes out of my hands with many lines and mostly on the comic way. I call my work comic brut/comic raw. I make also wall drawings and illustrations. So I hope you enjoy my work.

For my digital drawings I first make a drawing on paper, than I scan the drawing in the computer and colour him in on photoshop. I work as an illustrator and am working on my own T'shirt line. And I'm gonna print some of the digital drawings on canvas later this year. The most important thing I like with my work is to let them travel over the World and make people happy.


Pieter Zandvliet was first an animator and took up painting murals and graffiti in Holland in the 1980's. His funky works take many formats and he is very open to exploring exchanges with artists all over the world as he is with new materials to work with. He ran the Gallery Slaphanger in Rotterdam, Holland, an active art community where art exhibitions, poetry readings and performances took place in the 1990's up until 2002. His work has been widely exhibited on the Internet and in gallery exhibitions throughout the underground and mainstream European art scene. He shuns categories, often changing paths to avoid being labeled on 'type' of artist. He is also the founding member of Dada Boise Group Krimpos as well as a performance artist. In spite of his birthplace being that of Leiden, the birthplace of Rembrandt, he doesn't claim to admire his Dutch forefather in art-receiving more inspiration from the underground comic book scene. His inspiration also comes from art and culture of Spain, Mexice, Africa, Indonesia and the United States. This is due to the influx of ethnic cultures juxtaposition along side traditional Dutch values, such as personal freedom to do what one wants. Zandvliet probably knows more about American Pop Icons than most Americans and will in 2004 live his long time dream is to exhibit his work in America. He also loves Elvis Presley very much.


Beach Dyke

Birdy bird

Brain window

Captain Delirium

China Man

Circus Down under




Devil Man


Disco Joey

El Negro 2



Fair spray

Farmer Bob

Gertruida Bosnaad

Ghost guy

Girl on a ball

Hasan Man

How we do it!


I hate myself and Iam#30D47




Loco for Mason made s#30D35

Lucia Luna


Manu Chao

Me Man I

Miss Joan Fabian

Mona Lisa

Mono Love

Muscle man



Nellie Nekhaar

Nipple nose

Nose 1

Otto Egghead

Pablo Picasso with bril

Paco Pensar



Port worker

Prince Dickhead said..


Puta Brigitta




Senor Boring

Raga Bob

Shizo Para 2003


strange bird 2

Texas Techno


Vacation love

White widow

yoga man

Here's another text from Pieter himself

As a child, he do never sign have been stopped everywhere on, actual this more. From a year or eight ago made Pieter Zandvliet (Lead 1969) many strips. But he was never could about this actual satisfied over, in the subjects he actual its story not in rid. In 1994, he began a kind of cartoons on stickers of A4 size in Rotterdam on to stick. All stickers were different and mostly reacted sand creek on its surroundings with the stickers. As sign he going out soldiers to times of a breaking out war. Street art do not speaks be Zandvliet so and so awful at through to dirty pure. In 1994 began he also with the working and heat of synthetic material as for instance Barbies and langspeelplaten., . As stood there a photograph of its work in a biography over Barbie (title book + edition). After a year or two began sand creek with paint, in which he with my passion for draw more its egg discharge could. With dikke out-lines reproduced sand creek its fable figures. Colors were and are yet always in war on the cloths or in its beginning time wooden flats. In 1998, sand creek the Fortisbank public price won during the duplicate chamber an Annual back turning art demonstration in Schiedam. A year later on he painted a large art object in the Urban museum to Schiedam, to times of the 100 birthday existence of this museum. Sand creek is opgegroeid in the Rotterdam district Delfshaven, where in contact came with all sorts of cultures, where he awful many interests for the mixing of cultures got. This back is to be found on the cloths that he paints. As child went sand creek with its parents minimally two turn per year to friends and family in Spain, where he on street the language wanted to speak and a large love for the country and in it particularly for catalonie . a,. Just the gesturing, spontaneous and often hard talking of the Latin speaks to sand creek very. According to its woman Xandra, he has taken this quality of they over. Means its email contacts and together works with the American artist ares Joan Fabian (San Antonio Texas) and are in the state New York living friend Frenz Kuijpers holds sand creek self currently very busy with the American popcultuur that him awful speaks to. Its fascination for the icon Elvis Presley comes work also vague on different manners in the vague cartoon achtige from sand creek back. Neat as the colors that in war are on its cloths, stand the figures also vague line straighten against over each other. Sometimes most place he different styles next to each other, then again he holds the calm and To the Point. Just as its manner of vague round medical reasons live sit full against contrary present, are also the cloths of the artist this. From its birth, Pieter a bent backs bone, that just as its two years to make ago come up skin and bone illness Psoriasis many with its mind state, has. It hangs often of its pain finished how he a work makes. The sun does him mostly very good, but in the Netherlands is that often far to seek. Sand creek know here well with to go, its creed has been forgotten then also "By art I my sorrow, but also the dishes.

Young Elvis

Pieter Zandvliet
Hoofdstraat 307
3114GE Schiedam

email: itam@kabelfoon.nl
wwweb: www.eye-cramps.com