'Rain' by Ashhar & Envision


My journey with the digital medium began in 1998 when I moved from working with pastels to creating artwork on my computer, I felt such a powerful creative link with this medium that there was an instant bond.

As I traveled through my journey with this medium I let my thoughts and dreams manifest onto a electronic canvas with ease and more of a natural flow from myself. It allowed me to dance with colour, to create forms that flow from a spiritual ecstasy from a release of energy that could not stop pouring from my being, an excitement that never stops building to this very day, a passion so strong.

This had become my creative reality and I knew at this point where my art belonged. I wanted my art to be a gift to others, to give an opportunity of awakening within themselves their own journeys through which the mind and emotions may travel. This would be my happiness, to be able to achieve this.

Galleries started to take an interest in my work and requested them for their up and coming exhibitions, which lead to another way of thinking ... as of putting prices on one's heart. "What was your own self-worth?" had to be confronted, which is something still today I struggle with in a sense of as I still see art as a gift, and should be available to all.

I am fortunate to be part of the Webism group and work with artists globally, in projects and exhibitions worldwide. There are incredibly talented artists out there, who, by working with each other push boundaries beyond what one can ever imagine.

In 2003, I had the opportunity to curate a national and international digital art exhibition here in Adelaide. I was both excited and honored to bring together a global presentation of exceptional works (check out Parys' Global Digital Stamps from the Contents page).

The show was held at the Zest Café/Gallery, a very popular gathering place in Glenelg for fine food and wine with walls surrounded by air and art. The title of the show, 'Cyberart to the Dining Table' became the concept of bringing art to the table. Socializing and interaction as we do on a daily basis, with creative energies feeding our minds through visual scapes around us.

This show generated much interest well before it was finally exhibited. Enthusiasm built from the public, like they were awaiting an arrival of something very special. On opening night that was all confirmed with the incredible response from the viewer their gifts had arrived.

It is very fulfilling to be able to see and hear responses to works of artist's who are spread far and wide across this planet, for them to be able to reach out through their creativity, to touch the souls of other's and leaving a lasting imprint.


A Chaotic Moment


Another Time

A Sacred Seduction

Australia Dreaming

Circle Of Time

Crash and Burn

Dante's Dilemma

Eternity In 15

Eternity in One Hour

Digital Angel

Embryotic Sexuality

fereastra al iluzie

Inner Voice of Mars


Isadora's Final Act

Let it Be

Living In A Child's Dream



Neptune's Daughter


Silence Of Mars

Somewhere Within

Soul Catcher's


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