Pankuj Parashar

'Untitled' by Pankuj Parashar, using 'Reason2.5'


Lived in India all my life. Stay in Mumbai with my wife and 2 sons age 9 and 6.

I suppose you could call me filmmaker who dabbles in computer art. The former for public consumption and, the latter for personal satisfaction or whatever name you want to give the electrochemical exchange that takes place in the Brian when you put digimouse to digi canvas and see the glorious colors on the monitor.

Some stray memories: Age 8: climbing a tree in the backyard to pluck leaves, crush them and get green color to paint images on my wall. My mum not scolding me but keeping it there for dad to see.

Age 10: Painting a whole side of the wall with poster colors. Cubes and streaks. Again, parents let it be there for while.

Age 13: Finding a16mm camera in friends attic, pooling in to buy film and shooting and EDITING silent films and showing them on a white sheet.

My whole neighborhood was full of famous filmmakers who attended these screenings. We kids hid and gave appropriate sound effects. The films were shown on Doordarshan, Indian National televisions when we grew up become somewhat famous.
Age 19 applying for admission to Film and Television Institute of India, on rainy day, totally de-pressed to see a mob of 900 hopefuls. Shocked when I got selected.

More shocked when exposed to world cinema every day. Films by Zanussi, Kurusawa, Truffaut, Ozu, Stanley Kubrick, Polanski, and even Dali. A New World opens up at 19. There is a kind of cinema beyond the Bollywood world.. Learn the joys of still photography, then 16 them 35mm. Stay up all night in the jungle with a tape recorder, waiting for a cuckoo sound to put in my documentary on the mental hospital.

Paint the walls of the boy's hostel. Not allowed to paint the girls hostel.

Stand first in class, come to the big city and discover no one is interested in me or my ideas. Two tears of struggle and small ad films.

Then a movie.

Then my accountant suggests buying a computer for tax purposes.

Which sits on my shelf daring me to put it on. For six months.

Then I discover 3d studio, and many many sleepless nights making images.

The computer becomes a friend.

Marriage, then kids. They paint the walls, we let it be there.

Tata Consultancy (India's biggest Info-tech company) invites me to do documentary on them.

Discover an arsenal of Graphic equipment far ahead of its time in the company, processing power that could run a city. Do virtual sets for my movie.

Start to do digi paintings for myself. Compose music with midi, cakewalk, to put on the images. Meanwhile shoot over 400 TV commercials and 8 feature films. Some films do well, some disasters.

Subscribe to Computer Arts magazine. Discover that no matter what software I buy, there is something else I gotta buy. Sigh.

Finally: I suppose there is a creative urge that painting satisfies that is not possible in movie making: To create something totally on my own. No rules, no pressure of acceptability.

Sometime in the future, there will be virtual 3d paintings we can walk through and feel.

Or maybe someone has already done it.

And we call it planet earth.


Pankuj Parashar