Mamta Baruah Herland
'Fisheye' by Ashhar & Envision


My artwork is a product of an invented juxtaposition of objects that intends to emit beauty, mysterious and even spiritual aura. the elements of the images are original; their composition simply fuses a time space and the moments of recording within it, into one cohesive image.

The context of my work is based on a growing collection of my photographs of landscapes and objects of the innocent, authentic and stable nature, which i continued to record at newly, discovered sites of inspiration. i scan these photographs then i digitally manipulate and montage them to create composite emotive visual statements, which transcend the original photographs. the resulting digital images say something about these images beyond what is there. by employing digital visual techniques including montage, multiple exposure, and layers, my intent is for the artworks to evoke the sense of captivation and mysticism. as a body, my photomontages defy any single categorisation, just as each of my images defies literal interpretation.

I am exploring and investigating the possible development of newer contexts and aesthetics by using manipulative tools and techniques of digital technology, to disassociate known subject relationships (reality) and re-associate them in new but perhaps mysterious ways is the aesthetic thread that i believe runs throughout my work.

My work comprises ink jet digital prints on both watercolour paper and canvas. the relevance of the use of digital technology in my own practice, and also based on the replies i received by artists world-wide regarding use of digital ink jet, led me in my dissertation, to investigate The impact of Giclée- A shift towards digital print in future art. it basically informs the arrival of new print technology and terminology's, the impact it has made in the fine art painting, photography and printmaking. the complex issues of originality, authenticity and ownership, and finally the fate of digital print in the age of global communication are central issues discussed in my dissertation.


Alchemy 03

Any way 02

Distance 01

Lost Image 02

Manipulated 03


Ballet 02

Dusk 03

Treasure 02

Vicinity 02

Whisper 03



I Am on the Net There#31DED




  • Winchester School of Art, BA (Hons)
    University of Southampton, England Fine Art, Painting 2003
  • MI, Merkantilt Institutt, Oslo, Norway Graphic Design 1999
  • Sydney College of Art,
    University of Sydney, Australia Visual Arts 1997
  • University of Oslo/Bergen Examen Philosoficum 1994
    Norway Mathematics, Computer Language

Mamta Herland is a member of The Association of Norwegian Painters (LNM) and The Association of Norwegian Visual Artists (NBK).

The dissertation: The Impact of Giclée. A shift towards digital print in future art is published at

  • World Printmakers; spring 2003
  • MOCA, Museum of Computer Art,, autumn 2003
  • Truly Virtual Web Art Museum,, autumn 2003.
  • BitPrint (a Danish digital art print gallery), winter 2004
  • 'Kunst for Alle' (a Norwegian art magazine) No. 1, 2 and 3 - 2004

The article Mamta Digitized - My way to make digital fine art is published at World Printmakers, October 2003

Web Gallery:

  • World Printmakers,
  • London Art,
  • Agora Gallery,

Mamta's work are also presented at MOCA, Museum of Computer Art (, and The Cyberculture Art Museum Collection (


  • January: USA, New York, Lincoln Center, Cork Gallery - "painting with pixels", an international exhibition of digital art organised and curated by MOCA, Museum of Computer Art.
  • January: USA, New Jersey, Visual Arts League - International Digital Print Show.
  • February: England, London, Ardean Gallery Cork Street - "the art of love", an international art exhibition organised and curated by LondonArt
  • April: England, Winchester, Tower Arts Centre - "between reality and dreams" - solo exhibition.
  • Summer: England, Guildford, Guildford Art Exhibition - Art at Work.
  • September: England, Winchester, Winchester School of Art - Master Final Show.
  • December: USA, New York, Agora Gallery - "Altered state of reality" - an International Digital Fine Art Exhibition organised and curated by Agora Gallery, NY.


  • Easter: Norway, Bærum, Galleri H 11 - The Easter Art Exhibition.
  • Autumn: England, Guildford, Guildford Art Exhibition - "Art at Work".
  • May, June: Norway, Lørenskog, Galleri Skaarer - "Østlandsutstillingen" (an art show curated and organised by The Association of Norwegian Visual Artists).
  • June: England, Winchester, Winchester School of Art - Degree Show.
  • November: Spain, Madrid, Estampa - Estampa International Print Fair.
  • December: Norway, Oslo, Galleri LNM - "Småbildeutstilling" (an exhibition of small paintings).


  • Summer: England, Southampton, University of Southampton - Selected Student Presentation.
  • Autumn: Norway, Bærum, Fokus Bank - "Paintings & Photographs" - Solo exhibition.


  • Summer: Norway, Geilo, Geilojordet Galleri - "Paintings & Photographs" - Solo exhibition.
  • Summer: Norway, Bærum, Galleri H 11 - Summer Art Exhibition.
  • Spring/autumn: Norway, Bærum, Bærum Malerklubb - Regional Art Exhibition.
  • Easter: Norway, Geilo, Geilojordet Galleri - "a journey through mountains and colours" - solo exhibition.


  • June: Norway, Asker, Det Lille Galleri - "Awakening Vision" - solo exhibition.
  • November: Norway, Asker, Galleri RammeMakeriet - "Paintings & Photographs" - solo exhibition.
  • December: Norway, Asker, Det Lille Galleri - "A journey through mountains and colours" - solo exhibition.
  • Spring/autumn: Norway, Bærum, Bærum Malerklubb - Regional Art Exhibition.


  • Spring/autumn: Norway, Bærum, Bærum Malerklubb - Regional Art Exhibition.
  • Spring: Norway, Bærum, Esdaile Studio - Bærum Malerklubb members painting show organised by artist Peter Esdaile.

Mamta's works have been purchased by private collectors, commercial companies, Community and "The Norwegian Council of Cultural Affairs" (Norsk Kulturråd).

Mamta B. Herland
Hiltonåsen 109
N - 1341 Slependen