Lyn Bishop
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The series of work titled Close to Home is based on subjects found within a hundred-mile radius of where I live. For me, being close to home isn't a place, but rather a state of mind. Being close to home is being close to my spirit, being close to my dreams. When I'm close to home I feel connected to my roots and to the earth itself.

Using both traditional artist's tools and creative technology to express the essence of Close to Home I intertwine elements that I've gathered from the natural world. Digital imaging using archival ink and paper come together with collage, painting techniques and photography to create unique impressions that make up my art.

As an intrepid traveler whose journeys into diverse cultures have served as the inspiration for much of my art, this body of work has allowed me to explore the deeper meaning associated with being close to home.

However, it's time to hit the road again, and in May 2004 I'll begin a year-long exploration of culture across the globe. Together with my husband, a writer, we will delve into cultural issues that affect our world today. The project, titled Global Fusion, is founded on the belief that when we experience each other through direct encounters, we become better able to create a world based on empathy, tolerance and peace. Art allows society to participate in positive social reconstruction, making artists themselves catalysts for positive change.

Collaborative art exchanges with diverse communities provide a launch pad to explore the similarities and differences of cultures though artistic expression. In this time of cultural confusion, we can easily identify our differences, and these differences often prevent us from seeing our similarities.

Recent research using the latest molecular biology to examine human DNA shows that we are all interconnected and that the folk concept of race is terribly out of date. Our society continues to divide people into groups using racial division. Research proves that these simple divisions are next to impossible to make scientifically, and that in scientific terms, our DNA is colorblind.

The art, photos and essays that result from these experiences will be compiled into a highly visual electronic journal that will take readers on a vicarious journey across the globe and into the hearts and cultures of our fellow brothers and sisters. Join us on the journey!




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Lyn Bishop
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