Kévin Nave (kek)
'Easy' by Bacchus Barua


My name is Kévin Nave, and my pseudo is kek. I'm 25 years old (born 17 May 1979), and I live in Lille, a town in the north of France.

I worked in 2 web companies (pense-tête and Telltarget) and I was fired because of economical problems. So I was alone at home, but I continued working, waking up at 9 AM each days, and trying to teach myself programming languages such as php and actionscript. I did that about 8 months, and I decided to create my own society, because the market was ugly in France, and I could not find an interesting job. So I created Zanorg, and my own website wich is a kind of portfolio : www.zanorg.com. I also work with Malak, a young graphist girl, and we created our personal porfolio : www.pk-prod.com.

I love working and making funny things, that's why I often work very hard, because it's my passion. And when you receive emails of people (you don't even know !) saying : "I love your games ! thanks to you to make me laugh !" it is incredible how it makes me happy and I want to continue doing that. I'm "in the world" of computer since I'm 10 years old I think. It begans with an CPC 464 Amstrad, and then I had a commodore Amiga 500, we played a lot with my brother, and I began creating some things at this time. After that I had a PC, and I'm still having a PC (but I changed the processor ! J )

I like computers, but I also love music, I play guitar for about 12 years, acoustic but also electrical guitar. I'm a big Jimi Hendrix's fan, and also Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd. I begin to learn piano also, I always teach myself (even the guitar). I love creating music games, with my guitar that I record with my poor microphone, or with sounds I find and I re-arrange, for example the Indian Shankar drum Ganesh machine.

I live with my cat Tao (I love cats), don't have girlfriend (am I too geek??) and love making parties with friends, watching movies, making sports etc..

Nb : for the games linked out from the representative images below, some times you have to play with the arrows of the keyboard, it's not written each time.

the images below link to Kek's original Flash-Works
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Shave da Kek
shave young kek with your choice of large or small electric razor ~ won't let you at his head though

Website for the artist Johanne Huysman

beautiful interactive 'book' of the artist's work

Sword Tournament
blood'n'gore (usually 'yours'!) game with choppers and swords

Aline et le mouche

draw the baby's gaze to the fly

Blip Machine

almost, if not entirely, a percussion tool


a amall and simple drawing tool


everything that popular wisdom suggests might trigger an epileptic attack

Indian shankar drum ganesh machine

a funky music synthesizer that can be made to make sense.. sometimes

Irritating Game #1

Irritating Game #2

Irritating Game #3

Itchana Tchones

one of a series of simple 'adventure' games


A touching romantic tale (French style?)

Le retour du jeudi

A sort of 'Star-Wars' game

Sticky Brains

funky-monkey game one just can't seem to win

Tronche de kek

get some expression out of kek


the incredible x-ray adventure

below: some draft designs


below: pictures of me, my cat, my computer, and some of my friends


Kevin Nave (kek)
37 Rue Mourmant, Apt. 404
59000 Lille

e-mail: kek@zanorg.com
wwweb: http://www.zanorg.com