Contents on The IDEA #7
 'Opalong' by Shankar Barua
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Karin Kuhlmann
An incredibly versatile collection of imaging from the incredible Karin's delving into territories ranged from Contemplation through Opticals to 3D. No wonder she's been variously awarded for her works globally over the years

EMF @ Chelsea Art Museum & EMF10
The Electronic Music Foundation completes10 years of leading-edge existence in 2004, and we're quite delighted to be carrying a short overview on one of the e-music incidents it has already presented this year, along with a separate brief preview of a few of the many things its putting together to celebrate and mark its 10th anniversary (note: EMF is a significant supporter of The IDEA)

Nainita Desai & Soundology
This young lady's storming the cinema and television music-scene in the UK, and elsewhere, with a stunningly versatile virtuosity in music and sound-form

Ashhar Farooqui & Envision
As far as we know, young Ashhar and his colleagues in Envision have been the first band in India to actually haul a full-tilt Desktop-PC onto stage as a full-fledged member of the band in public performances ~ to great effect!

ArtBots 2003 & ArtBots 2004
Overviews of the extraordinary annual event that celebrates "the strange and wonderful collision of shifty artists, disgraced engineers, high/low/no tech hackers, rogue scientists, beauty school dropouts, backyard pyros, and industrial espionage that has come to define the emerging field of robotic art"

Igor Stromajer
An absolutely unique and quite extraordinary web-based artist from tiny little Slovenia, who's work is in constant flux in every way conceivable, so it's a rare thing to have been able to seize and 'freeze' a few little bits of it for you here

The Complete artintact
Overview of the 'Artist's Interactive CD-ROMagazine' that Germany's fabulous Zentrum fur Kunst und Medientechnologie (ZKM) produced over 1994-99, and then collectively reissued on DVD in 2002

Curtis Bahn
The unprecedented sounds and music produced via an extraordinary bass-guitar rig in unprecedented performances of all sorts by the Director of iEAR Studios & Assoc. Prof. of Computer Music Composition & Performance at Rensselear Ploytechnic Institute in NYC offer some clues as to why the institute has won such an outstanding global reputation with regard to so many electronic arts

No surprise to find such clear visual thinking represented in the works of someone with 15 years of professional photography behind her,.. and don't miss her funky flash-works either

Tom Chambers
An entirely new stream of exploration and creativity from someone who is increasingly being regarded as one of the most original thinkers and practitioners of the digital still-image

The Fantabulous French Flash-Man himself. This guy's young, versatile, humble, hilarious and very adept at creating all sorts of incredible Flash-based games and other e-artefacts

Plug 'n' Pray
A web-based work that's been quite tellingly making waves in e-art circles and festivals all around the world over the last couple of religious-terror filled years, with it's simple quick-fix solution to the whole bloody mess

Dennis Báthory-Kitsz
An extraordinary multiple media artist on "The Creative Meaning of Laziness and Its Manifestation in Digital Technology, or, How Slug-Boy Found His Groove" (**this multi-page feature is reproduced as received and will open in a new window. Please just close it to return here)

Derek Sajbel
Having the time of his life at the funky frontline of the startling new e-art of Circuit-Bending in California, Derek shares with us something of what it is all about, including words from Reed Ghazala, the 'Founder' of the art-form

Dieter Grossman
Here's a wonderful, compassionate and very brilliant senior artist who recommends opening up our minds to digital imaging as an entirely new medium rather than carrying along all of the old artistic baggage into this new territory

Elena Ray
A visual artist and poet who produces finished images begun as photographs by applying organic mixed media processes to them using acrylic paints, watercolor, pencil, etc. when not creating word-poetry, or combining it all into deeply moving Flash animations

Marije J. Baalman
Sharing with us something of the fascinating work that she's been doing with regard to the understanding, development and application of Wave Field Synthesis in electronic music and sound art ~ a system that's making the perception of sound-sources zoom about like never imagined possible before

Vikas Swarankar
The young artist shares a few thoughts and some of his post-graduate digital-imaging with us

Pieter Zandvliet
Hilarious 'comic brut/comic raw' artwork from the Netherlands that's looking to also get onto T-shirts in time, and brazenly walk the streets. Also, don't miss the 'Noise-Remixes' that Pieter's been creating on the side with his menagerie of friends

Digital Postage Stamps
Parys St. Martin's ongoing global project in which select e-artists from all over the world are invited to produce original e-images as 'Postage Stamps'

Eduardo Paz Carlson
Music is what Eduardo's all about today, building "kits of poems or musika" with transfigured sounds, so those who read or listen can deal with these kits as they wish

Early Keyboard Synthesizers
Our usual little history capsule, focused this time upon the earliest Electronic Keyboard Synthesizers, from Moog, who made it all happen, and from Roland & Yamaha, who then made it all happen for everybody

Robert Downing
A simple tribute and memorial on the untimely passing away of the pioneering Canadian computer-artist and sculptor

Bob Gluck
Bob's back to tell us more about the unusual e-instruments he creates, and the fascinating 'traditional' Jewish music he produces with them

Flotsam & Jetsam
A selected bunch of comic images we've received as e-mail attachments over the last year or so, that in their own very hilarious way add up to a striking e-cultural commentary on the concerns and the humour of these times

Gerald O'Connell
Discovering that some of Gerald's airy ambient-sound music has been recently released on audio-CD was a great excuse to have him back aboard The IDEA, and also a great excuse to again reproduce his very funky 1998 artwork 'Filonovia', which we'd carried in #4

Warren Furman
A composer, artist, furniture-designer and occasional programmer fascinated mainly of late by the remarkable creative "similarity" between digital-imaging art and electronic music

Gifs, etc.
Selected GIF images that have come in to us as e-mail attachments over the last many months, serving collectively as a pretty good benchmark on this art-form in these times

Cyberart to the Dining Table
A very cool exhibition of digital imaging by artists from several countries that was curated and presented by Parys St. Martin in a very cool Australian restaurant as a very cool experiment about getting e-prints more into the face of the everyday 'public'

Herwig Steiner
An adventurous and peripatetic artist and political/social commentator who produces large text- and vector-based images that look to bring discourse-production into the domain of aesthetics

Webism at the Alagut
An extraordinary exhibition of digital-imaging art from around the world, super-efficiently rattled out in just weeks for presentation in a Budapest tunnel

David Camp
For a mathematician and researcher who does not create images to make a living, computers have opened the road to letting his creativity all hang out anyway

Hans Georg Tuerstig
A real pleasure to have this very unusual e-imaging artist, and scholar of ancient Hindu scripture, back to share his newer images with us and also tell us a bit more about his imaging, his thinking and himself

Tina Rajan
Back to reveal a wee bit more about what's keeping Indian imaging-artists and print-designers up at night

"An Art Lover's Guide to Digital Art" (by JD Jarvis & Myriam Lozada-Jarvis of Dunking Bird Productions ~ New Mexico, USA)
"Aesthetic Puzzle" (by Joe Nalven of the Digital Arts Guild ~ San Diego, USA)
"Chasing the Cognitive Roots of Our Rectangular Mindset" (by Dinesh Katre of the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing ~ Pune, India)
"The Impact of Giclée" (by Mamta Herland, an independent digital-imaging artist ~ Norway)
"Old Pathways-New Travelers" (from the SARAI Centre for the Study of Developing Societies ~ Delhi, India, Winner of the 2004 UNESCO-Digiarts Award)

A vibrant global 'movement' spun around creative digital-imaging, both online via the wwweb and offline, in gallery shows and other events such as the Alagut presentation also featured on this gazette

Ursula Freer
Back to share with us her newer visual explorations of interests that she might have previously considered irrational and unfounded, such as the existence of dimensions beyond normal awareness

Ileana Frómeta Grillo
The coool South American e-artist from North America is back with more of her ultra coool and ultra colourful images

Bruce Eves
A rare 10-year retrospective of sorts (1994-2004), of the very unusual e-images of a most unusual North American artist (**Care: contains some 'Adults Only' material)

Judith Wray and the Visual Arts League
We like to think this lil' ole lady can show a lot of us how to use e-technologies to create a really great piece of art out of one's very life itself, every day

Tibor Kovacs-egri
A wonderful artist and marvelous gentleman. The only one so far to have us regret we do not reproduce images a LOT larger, because there's really a LOT in there. Tibor was also the key person behind the 'Webism at Alagut' presentation featured elsewhere on this gazette

Overview of two old Japanese CDs that came in to us from right out of the blue, which seem to be CD-gazettes of electronic art, not very much unlike ZKM's "ArtIntact" (see above), or even The IDEA (conceptually from some perspectives)

Mamta B. Herland
An impressive repertoire of digital-imaging, projecting a sensibility honed by global influences stretched all the way from little lost Assam, in magic North East India, where she was born, through to Norway, where she lives and works today

Margie Labadie
Illustrated abstract of the thesis on ideas that have inspired this extraordinary young artist's work ~ a confluence of articulated spiritual visions, serendipitous discoveries and deliberate selections based on powerful, transcendent encounters between herself and (especially) birds

Maurizio Manzieri
Hey! No surprise to us-after having first featured him way back in The IDEA #3-to find that Maurizio's now regarded as perhaps the foremost Science Fiction and Fantasy illustrator in Europe

Jayashree Lakshminarayanan
A lovely example of how writers and poets are now beginning to also deploy digital-imaging skills to present their words as 'finished' works

Manoj Vijayan
Architect turned prolific graphic designer, cartoonist and illustrator of Indian origin, back now to live and work in India after having been born and brought up in East Africa

Joe Nalven
A deep thinking digital-imaging artist who's also now exploring Flash-animation,.. and sitting lynch-pin to major digital-doings in San Diego

Norbert Strippel
After many years of computer-art experimentation, the artist launches into an exploration of the scientific treatises of Goethe, with a project called "The Power of Colour"

Parys St. Martin
Passionate about her art and passionate about her medium, Parys lets her thoughts and dreams manifest onto the electronic canvas, dancing with colour to create forms that flow from a spiritual ecstasy and release of energy that will not stop

The Academy of Media Arts in Cologne (Kunsthochschule fur Medien Koln), is certainly the finest new media school we've ever visited, and so we're pleased to reproduce it's original concept-paper here, along with brief representative extracts from two student batch videos

Siegfried Schreck
A German poet and lyricist who moved also into creative digital 'painting' in the late 1990s to produce carefully crafted images that carry his creative communications with the world exuberantly forward into new spaces

Bernard Dumaine
Alongside a successful mainstream career as a locations artist for cartoon films of all sorts, Bernard has launched into a parallel career as a digital-imaging artist devoted to the rendering of extraordinary "organic" shapes and compositions

Michael Robinson
The unusual American musician who uses no musical instrument to produce strange music based upon (mainly) the paradigms, philosophies and raag-structure of Indian classical music

Shamima Abbas
A very cool and very special lady from Mumbai (earlier Bombay) suddenly discovers she's a poet and also an artist who can present some of her new poetry in a very new way

Ellen Zweig
Describing herself as a PhotoArtist, here's a lady who's scaled and combined a range of creative personas all the way from wordsmith and photographer through videographer and installation artist

Roopesh Sitharan
A product of the Multimedia University of Malaysia, this prolific artist, researcher and teacher explores whether newly found media can transform the way we research, analyze, teach, and present our work

John Labadie
Good to have John back, to share some more of the digital imaging and thinking that he's been up to, in-between heading up all sorts of creative digital-doings in the University of North Carolina @ Pembroke

Lyn Bishop
The incredibly active imaging-artist from golden California shares with us a small update of the imaging she's been doing with visuals picked up 'Near Home', before taking off on an epic global art-voyage to make new images with visuals from far away

Bacchus Barua
A young Indian lad based in New Delhi who we've featured before as a sort of handy general benchmark representing his generation and the e-arts (especially music) in India today

Mel Strawn
Recent works and thoughts from a most wonderful, and very extraordinary, senior artist who'd like to have his e-works "experienced primarily as ephemeral display, rather than as "limited edition" print objects in the grandfather tradition"

Pankuj Parashar
Rare reproduction of a feature from an earlier gazette--on the zany Bollywood filmmaker and producer we featured in #6 in this case--with 'extras' we hadn't managed to squeeze out of him last time

Renata Spiazzi
A delightful lady artist who's exuberantly unapologetic about using any and every tool that might come to hand to create her beautiful images and her funky virtual sculptures

In this ongoing digital-imaging project conceived of and globally coordinated by Dr. Hans Georg Tuerstig, a group of seven artists at a time creates what he calls a 'Digital Artfield', as a collaborative bit of creative choreography

SARAI (Winner of the 2004 UNESCO-Digiarts Award) a programme of the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, and Ankur - Society for Alternatives in Education, ran a project similar to Nitin Donde's "IABC" (see IDEA #2)

Steve Danzig
The flamboyant and always brilliant founder and Executive Director for the International Digital Art Awards (IDAA, out of Australia) manages to startle and slightly unsettle us all over again with his new series of images, and also a few more in the continuum of the earlier series we'd featured in #6

Thomas Itty
Sharing with us how technology is increasingly making it possible for amateur musicians (and all sorts of other artists of course) to jump into the semi-professional public fray as hobbies alongside mainstream preoccupations and careers

Ansgard Thomson
A fascinating 10-year retrospective (1993-2003) of digital-imaging art from the gentle Canadian dynamo who loves to speak of herself as a 'simple farmer's wife'

TV Commercials
Great to have TVad Indx back with a representative global selection of TV commercials from the period 2003-2004

Print & Outdoor Ad Winners from Cannes-2004
A representative sub-selection of top print and outdoor ads from amongst the prizewinners at Cannes this year

Ingrid Kamerbeek
Ingrid's been vvvery busy since we last saw her aboard, emerging especially over the last couple of years as a premier networker of digital-imaging artists from all over the world via her 'Webism' movement (see below),.. in addition to her own imaging of course

Mandar Rane's 'Visual Appetite'
Keeping himself busy with his independent e-creative work too is this fresh recuit into the faculty of the new Department of Design at the Indian Institute of Technology ~ Guwahati

Dots & Pixels
A quick overview of a quite interesting exhibition of digital imaging in New Delhi, by some of India's foremost 'conventional' imaging artists

San Diego's Digital Art Week
An interesting proclamation,.. and very handsome document (**This JPEG-image will open in a new window ~ please just close it to return here)

International Digital Art Awards 2003 & 2004
With apologies, only just the lists of all the winners from these two years of a competitive awards program out of Australia.

Yes, believe it or not, after that looong gap since #6, when it seemed that the IDEA had been snuffed out at last, I'm back