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i believe in intimacy, individuality, emotions, loneliness, sadness, frustration, trauma, asceticism, orgasm, concept, pleasure, fantasies, nuts, researching, philosophy, high technology and angels.

i do not believe in media, tourism and the end.

Born 1967 in Maribor & graduated at Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana, Slovenia. An independent net.wap.gsm.gps intimate mobile artist. Lives in Ljubljana, likes snow, pancakes with chocolate or cacao, fresh milk, dry red wine and communication. Creator of intima | virtual base [net.wap.gsm.gps art]. His projects are exhibited (Europe, North & South America, Asia, Australia) + purchased (Centre Georges Pompidou - Paris, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia - Madrid etc.) in/by galleries & museums worldwide (as exhibitions or permanent collections). Since 1997 Stromajer is an artist in residence at Ars Electronica FutureLab in Linz [Austria]. Fil rouge: free your mind and the rest will follow. Citizenship: internet. Future: transformation into Future.

below: representative screen-shots of some of Igor's interactive web-works


i n t i m a | v i r t u a l b a s e

SINGLE, structurally equal to ALL and endless in the microstructure is showing the totality and breakness of INTIMA in her mirror image. ONE, split into TWO is compatible with the life of INTIMA. The magic structure of ONE and the obsession with the individuality inspires the ritual beauty of polarity which is shown on the altar of art. The Story about INTIMA is presented by a mathematical microstructure.

The circle is drawn and in the circle there is a whole world.

There is a world of the COSMOS and a world of the ATOM, but INTIMA is the zone of their co-existence.

intima | virtual base is an artistic mark for net art projects and contemporary arts actions. Currently located in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Basic philosophical substance: the intimate, ascetic and interactive aesthetics. The key words for all activities are seclusion and ascetics. These imply intimacy, which after all is emphasized in the name of the artistic mark.

Five of Stromajer's projects are the courtesy of the following institutions:

  • sm.N - Sprinkling Menstrual Navigator is the courtesy of Le Centre national d'art et de Culture Georges Pompidou - Musee national d'art moderne - Paris, France
  • what was he thinking about? berlin? praha? ljubljana? skopje? is the courtesy of Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain
  • 0.HTML is permanently exhibited online at Hamburger Kunsthalle - Hamburg, Germany
  • b.ALT.ica is the courtesy of Modern Gallery of Ljubljana - Slovene Museum of Contemporary Arts - Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • unfortunately, 180.north - gps art is owned by Computerfinearts - net and media art collection - New York, USA

Projects by intima virtual base are included in The Rhizome Art Base - Rhizome Inc. New York, USA (since 1999). Igor Stromajer (Intima Virtual Base) is "An Artist In Residence" at Ars Electronica (Media Department - Ars Electronica Future Lab) in Linz (Austria) - since 1997.

p r o j e c t s (by Igor Stromajer ­ www.intima.org)


  • BodySoundNet - BSN.F1
    no.body_audio network
    September 2002
    multimedia performance by GVR (Vlado G. Repnik, Robert Klancnik, Igor Stromajer, Matej Andraz Vogrincic)
    September 2002
  • MomEnt.16: Orgasmus im Berlin
    low-quality high-standard self-composable net video kit
    August 2002
  • <317_kB_dojka.jpg> razstava dojk / BreastFeeding
    exhibition, April 2002
    Gallery P74 ­ Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Ballettikka Internettikka | Part Two - ballet.net
    Bolshoi Theatre, March 28th 2002, 20:00 GMT+3
    co-author: Brane Zorman - Beitthron
  • ww3
    video, 2002 (12 min, PAL)
    (on-line: 3 min RealVideo sample only available)
  • iv_ana
    net hai, 2002


  • [ i want to share you - what are you doing to me? ]
    net art project, 2001
    for Porto 2001 - Capital Europeia da Cultura
  • problemarket.com
    Problem Stock Exchange, 2001
    co-author: Davide Grassi
    produced by Forum Ljubljana
  • they learned this intimacy, however, meditating on the house
    6x emotional net.landscape x6, 2001
    [co-produced by intima | virtual base and CICV Pierre Schaeffer, France as part of the virtual residence Ateliers 2001]


  • Ballettikka Internettikka - Part One
    net.ballet, March 28th 2001, 19:00 GMT+1
    co-author: Brane Zorman - Beitthron
  • what was he thinking about? berlin? praha? ljubljana? skopje?
    emotional virtual environment - intimate spectacle, 2000
    * Courtesy of Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, Spain
    * Propiedad del Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, Espana
  • mobile trilogy
    micro gsm/gps/wap.art trilogy, 1999-2000
  • every time i B14 return from moscow - i cry
    micro emo.net.art impression, 2000
  • wap.sonnet - microbe.4 / wap.art
    WAP based artistic project for GSM WAP mobile phones, 2000
  • "she raped me!"
    extra short film, 2000
  • unfortunately, 180.north - gps art
    microbe.3 - intimate satellite communications art project, 2000
    * Courtesy of computerfinearts.com - net and media art collection, New York, USA
  • sm.N - Sprinkling Menstrual Navigator
    navigational www movie, 2000
    * Courtesy of Le Centre national d'art et de Culture Georges Pompidou - Musee national d'art moderne, Paris, France


  • gsm.art
    intimate mobile communications art, 1999
  • Oppera Teorettikka Internettikka
    net art music performance, 1999
  • Drama.Body.Machine
    net art project, 1999
    co-author: Jaka _eleznikar
    * Courtesy of Maska, Ljubljana, Slovenia (since 1999)
  • zvrst.3
    net art trash sound, 1999
  • 13
    [net action]


  • b.ALT.ica
    net art project, 1998
    * Courtesy of Modern Gallery of Ljubljana, Slovenia (since 1999)
    * mirror / residency - b.ALT.ica (at Ars Electronica Future Lab)


  • re:volution
    net art project, 1997
  • e/motion HELP - is there anybody out there?
    net art project, 1997
  • re:ligion
    net art project, 1997
  • re:di/vision
    net art project, 1997
  • BE.yond EX Sector EXE.cutor LAB.oratorium
    [intimate performance / theatre installation]
    Radio Maribor: Sister [radiophonic project]


  • 0.HTML
    net art project, 1996
    * Permanently exhibited online in Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg, Germany (since 1997)
  • re/fresh
    international net art project, 1996
  • interno/inferno
    time based net art project, 1996


    Bosom Decorated With Wreaths of Roses
    [intimate performance]


  • Radio Maribor:
    A Traceing-Woman from the South
    [radiophonic project]


  • Cankarjev dom Ljubljana:
    La La Saliva - Story of Spiral Joy
  • Radio Maribor:
    Antichrist - Anthem Of Evil
    [radiophonic project]
  • Radio Maribor:
    Toyota - Beyond Good and Evil
    [radiophonic project]


  • Radio Maribor:
    Pure Poetry - Glory of the Stars
    [radiophonic project]


  • Radio Maribor:
    [megapathetic symphony]
  • Dance Studio Intakt Ljubljana:
    Amibeta ­ Genesis
    [street performance]
  • Ljubljana City Theatre:
    Mozart & Salieri - Cosmology of Art


  • Radio Maribor:
    The Story about Orgasm, Love and Lust of Flash
    [radiophonic opera]
  • The Glej Theatre:
    Eros Ars System
    [theatrical installation]


  • Academy Studio AGRFT Ljubljana:
    Homo Theatralis
    [solo performance]

a w a r d s


  • Arco El Mundo - Unedisa El Mundo net art; Madrid, Spain, February 2001 * El Mundo Award to the best Net-Art Work [Euros 10.000] for the project what was he thinking about? berlin? praha? ljubljana? skopje? | jury: Christine van Assche, Chief Curator, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; José Jiménez, Aesthetics Professor, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid; Benjamin Weil, Curator, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
  • 1st prize at the Media Forum (CyberMovie - Festival of Internet art projects associated with new forms of screen shows on the web) in the frame of XXIII Moscow International Film Festival; Moscow, Russia - June 2001 - for the net art project Ballettikka Internettikka | Part One - net.ballet (jury: Kathy Rae Huffman - USA/UK, Eric Kluitenberg - The Netherlands, Rasa Smite & Raitis Smits - Latvia, Andrey Velikanov - Russia, Roman Leibov - Russia)


  • award [FF] for the intimate net art project mobile trilogy at Interferences / Les nuits savoureuses - 2eme Festival International d'Arts Multimedia Urbains; Belfort, France, Dec. 2000


  • 1st prize for the intimate net art project zvrst.3 at Trash ART, Moscow, Russia, 1999
    award [DM 5.000] at the COMTECart 99 festival, Dresden, Germany, 1999 - for b.ALT.ica net art project


  • 3rd prize [DM 3.000] for the intimate net art project 0.HTML at Extension [by Hamburger Kunsthalle] Hamburg, Germany, 1997


  • nomination for New Horizons Award; by Leonardo / ISAST (International Society of Art Science and Technology), MIT Press, San Francisco, CA, USA, 2000

e x h i b i t i o n s . f e s t i v a l s. p r e s e n t a t i o n s . w o r k s h o p s


  • Impakt Festival 2002 - couch.club, Utrecht, The Netherlands, november 2002
  • Generative Art 2002 - 5th International Conference on Generative Art (Politecnico di Milano University); Milan, Italy, 2002
    Urban Festival - Zagreb, Croatia, 2002
  • 4th Festival Cine-Video-Sociedad - Soft Geographies, Cine-Video-Cultura (Casa de la Cultura del Mayab), Mérida, Yucatán, México 2002
  • The Moving Image Center; presentation organized by The Goethe-Institut Internationes and The Moving Image Center (Ralf Sausmikat, EMAF) - Auckland, New Zealand, 2002
  • I Am a Big White Room - 8th International Computer Arts Festival - Rotovz Gallery, Maribor, Slovenia, 2002
  • Impakt Web Gallery; Utrecht, The Netherlands, june 2002
  • Matter + Memory; exhibition organized by MobileGaze - Montreal, Canada, 2002
  • EMAF European Media Art Festival - Osnabrueck, Germany, 2002
  • ARCO Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo - Madrid, Spain, 2002
  • 15. Stuttgarter Filmwinter - Festival for Expanded Media, Stuttgart, Germany / January 2002
    Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany / January 2002
    Next Movies - Centre d'Arts Electroniques virtuel a vocation internationale, France, 2002


  • Porto 2001 - Capital Europeia da Cultura - International Conference "Ligaç_es/Links/Liaisons" - Serralves Museum; Porto, Portugal 2001
  • Merz Akademie - university of applied arts, Stuttgart, Germany, 2001
  • 2nd SeNef - Seoul Net Festival 2001; Seul, Korea 2001
  • medi@terra.01 - a moving festival for the digital culture (Greece, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Slovenia, Germany) 2001
  • impakt FESTIVAL 2001 - Panorama (Utrecht, Netherlands) 2001
  • Banff New Media Institute Summit - "Emotional Architectures/Cognitive Armatures, Cognitive Science"; Banff, Canada
  • Nordic Interactive Conference Art Gallery 2001 / BellaCenter, Electrohype; Copenhagen, Danmark
  • Sprinkling Menstrual Navigator
  • Viper 21 - international festival for film, video and new media; Basel, Switzerland
  • 6th International Festival of New Film / New Media section; Split, Croatia, 2001
  • Electrofringe 2001 - in conjunction with Sound Summit 2001, National Writers festival, housed under TINA - this is not art; Newcastle NSW, Australia
  • Media Forum - in the frame of XXIII Moscow International Film Festival - Moscow, Russia 2001
  • Gegenort - The Virtual Mine - Neunkirchen, Germany 2001
  • Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin - the Meetings in Berlin (Brotfabrik, Aroma, Staatsbank) - Berlin, Germany 2001
  • E. European Media Festival - curated by Carol J. Hobson - CRCA/UCSD, CA, USA, 2001
  • The Eye And Its Truth - Spectacle And Reality In Slovene Art 1984-2001; Modern Gallery of Ljubljana - Ljubljana Slovenia, 2001
  • Arco El Mundo - Unedisa El Mundo net art; Madrid, Spain, 2001
  • 14. Stuttgarter Filmwinter 2001 (Wand5); Stuttgart, Germany, 2001
  • ICCA (International Center for Contemporary Art); Bucharest, Romania, 2001
  • transmediale.01; Berlin, Germany, 2001
  • CENPI; Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 2001
  • immedia1901 - 6th annual digital art exhibition (Ann Arbor Electronic Artist Coalition, Media Union; Michigan, USA, 2001
  • The Leonardo Gallery - Leonardo on-line and the Leonardo, the Journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (MIT Press); Leonardo / ISAST, San Francisco, CA, USA, 2001


  • Interferences / Les nuits savoureuses - 2eme Festival International d'Arts Multimedia Urbains (CICV Pierre Schaeffer); Belfort, France, 2000
  • dig_in_time - 3. International offline@online Media Art Festival (The Museum of New Art); Parnu, Estonia, 2000
  • Medi@terra 2000 - International Art and Technology Festival (Fournos Center for Art and New Technologies); Athens, Greece, 2000
  • CYNETart 2000 - festival for computer aided art and interdisciplinary media projects (Kunst Haus Dresden); Dresden, Germany, 2000
  • FCMM 2000 - "Montreal International Festival of new Cinema and new Media" (Ex-Centris, Cinema and New Media Complex of Montreal); Montreal, Canada, 2000
  • La Biennale de Montreal 2000 (Centre international d'art contemporain); Montreal, Canada, 2000
  • degrees feet inches - a curated space for internet specific artworks; UK based, 2000
  • 1st FILE - Festival International de Linguagem Eletronica (Museum of Image and Sound); Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2000
  • SIGGRAPH 2000's Art Gallery (Ernest N. Morial Convention Center) - presentation; New Orleans, USA, 2000
  • Through the Looking Glass - exhibition (Beachwood Center for the Arts); Beachwood, Ohio, USA, 2000
  • d>art 00 - cd-rom, web & sound art exhibition (City Exhibition Space, Customs House); Sydney, Australia, 2000
  • FESTIVAL of EXTRA SHORT FILM (ESF) Novosibirsk, Russia, 2000
  • Pro@Contra - Machinomachia (Moscow MediaArtLab); Moscow, Russia, 2000
  • Center for Contemporary Arts (CCA); Prague, Czech Republic, 2000
  • 13. Stuttgarter Filmwinter 2000 (Wand5); Stuttgart, Germany, 2000
  • Virtual Revolutions (FACT); Liverpool, UK, 2000


  • Medi@terra 99 (Fournos Center for Art and New Technologies); Athens, Greece, 1999
  • Trash ART (Moscow MediaArtLab); Moscow, Russia, 1999*
  • Media Non Grata 99 (Estonian Academy of Arts, E-Media Center); Tallinn, Estonia, 1999
  • COMTECart 99 (Kunst Haus Dresden); Dresden, Germany, 1999
  • Les Nuits Savoureuses (CICV Pierre Schaeffer); France, 1999
  • The Art and Digital Media Exhibit (Casona Municipal); Cordoba, Argentina, 1999
  • KiBela (Kibla); Maribor, Slovenia, 1999
  • AlienNation (Pavel Haus); Laafeld, Austria, 1999
  • Computer Space'99 (National Palace of Culture); Sofia, Bulgaria, 1999
  • IMPAKT; Utrecht, The Netherlands, 1999
  • TRANSMEDIALE 99; (Podewill Cultural Center) Berlin, Germany, 1999
  • 5th International Computer Arts Festival; Maribor, Slovenia - 1999


  • French-Baltic-Nordic Video And New Media Festival (Estonian Academy of Arts, E-Media Center); Tallinn, Estonia, 1998
  • SEAFair 98 (Museum of Contemporary Arts); Skopje, Macedonia, 1998
  • X international computer art forum Computer Space 98 (National Palace of Culture); Sofia, Bulgaria, 1998
  • isea 98; Liverpool, Manchester, UK, 1998
  • Lovebytes '98 Multimedia Gallery (The Showroom Cinema); Sheffield, UK, 1998
  • Polar Circuit 2 (University of Lapland, Department of Media Studies); Tornio, Finland, 1998
  • European Media Art Festival; Osnabrueck, Germany, 1998
  • 4th International Festival of Computer Arts; Maribor, Slovenia, 1998
  • SIGGRAPH 98 Art Exhibition - TOUCHWARE (Orange County Convention Center); Orlando, Florida, USA, 1998
  • !R UZ! by The ministry of Culture of Republic of Uzbekistan and Re-Lab Network; Uzbekistan, 1998
  • The best of the 2 Worlds by Arco Electronico; Madrid, Spain, 1998


  • Casa das Rosas; Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1997
  • 3rd International Show on New Technologies Art & Communication: Ciber@RT 97 (Instituto Valenciano de la Joventud); Valencia, Spain, 1997
  • Extension (Hamburg Kunsthalle); Hamburg, Germany, 1997
  • SEAFair 97 (Museum for Contemporary Arts); Skopje, Macedonia, 1997
  • UCO; Israel, 1997

1991 - 1996

  • TEATER DEMARO; Vienna, Austria, 1995
  • CENTER; Maribor, Slovenia, 1992
  • BORSTNIK'S MEETING; Maribor, Slovenia, 1991
  • FJATT; Podgorica, Yugoslavia, 1991
  • BITEF; Belgrade/Ljubljana, Yugoslavia/Sloveina, 1991
  • POSTEUROKAZ; Osijek, Croatia, 1991
  • EUROKAZ; Zagreb, Croatia, 1991

a r c h i v e s . [ texts ]



  • MomEnt.16: Orgasmus im Berlin - by Alessandro Ludovico (October 5th 2002), Neural, Italy
  • Ballettikka Internettikka - by Rossitza Daskalova (Aug., 2002, CIAC Electronic Art Magazine Montreal, Canada)
  • Le noeud du coeur / Heart Node - by Pierre Robert - written for Matter + Memory; exhibition organized by MobileGaze - Montreal, Canada, May 31st 2002
  • Danse par effraction au Bolchoï - par Marie Lechner (05.04.2002, La Liberation Paris, France) - francais
  • Claiming the Stage: Ballettikka Internettikka pt 2 - by Josephine Bosma for Cream (The Netherlands, April 25th, 2002)
  • Eva Herzigova: Hendikepirana Intima - virtualni intervju z I. Stromajerjem (Kimototimora, 11.04.2002)


  • The Orgasm - free your mind and the rest will follow; text by I. Stromajer
  • "i want to share you - what are you doing to me?" Awe-Stricken and Immobile: Body of Intima; essay by Dr. Bojana Kunst
  • "Igor Stromajer, webkunstenaar van beroep" - by Laurens Lammers (April 18, 2001 / Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
  • "Netzkunst und der Netzkünstler: Igor Stromajer" - by Sonja Schaub (5. Februar 2001 / netz.netz.netz - netzwissenschaft, Germany)
  • "Igor Stromajer transforma el código HTML en un espectáculo de net.ballet" - by R. Bosco & S. Caldana (March 29, 2001 / El Pais, Spain)
  • "Intento que el usuario restablezca la comunicación íntima consigo mismo" - by Juan Gonzalo, El Mundo, Madrid Spain, Februar 19, 2001 (in Spanish)
  • "Today's_Re:" - by Sarah Thompson (March 2001, UK)
  • "Le Pavarotti du HTML" - Le Slovene Stromajer crée des opéras en code web - by Marie Lechner (Le vendredi 2 février 2001, La Liberation Paris, France) - francais
  • "zvrst.3 by Igor Stromajer" - by Rossitza Daskalova (Jan., 2001, CIAC Electronic Art Magazine Montreal, Canada) - english & francais
  • "Interview with Olia Lialina and Igor Stromajer" - by Rossitza Daskalova (Jan., 2001 / N.12, CIAC Electronic Art Magazine Montreal, Canada) - francais
  • "The Ground for NET.ART in the Former Eastern Block (Central and Eastern Europe)" - by Rossitza Daskalova (Jan., 2001 / N.12, CIAC Electronic Art Magazine Montreal, Canada) - francais


  • "Das Netz als Klammer des Balkan" - by Tina Heidborn (Nov. 29, 2000, Tagesspiegel Berlin, Germany) - Potsdamer N. Nachrichten: mirror
  • video interview with Igor Stromajer by Valérie Lamontagne [Sep.28th 2000, Montreal, Canada]
  • b.ALT.ica - by Silvie Parent, La Biennale de Montreal 2000
  • Would the last person to leave this website please turn out the lights? - an article by Matt Locke (DFI)
  • "Interview with Igor Stromajer" - by Josephine Bosma (Nettime, Rhizome, Archee; August 2nd, 2000)
  • "Interaktivität - Wer mit Wem? - Theorien zur Interaktivität & Interpassivität" - by Stephan (Spiv) Schröder (verybusy.org;
  • Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst / Academy of visual arts, Leipzig, Germany)
  • Net-Business about wap.sonnet - June 26, 2000, page 81
  • Internetove umeni vs. Umeni na internetu - by Michaela Freeman-Vlkova - 2000


  • Kommunikation mit dem Selbst - Ein Email-Interview mit Igor Stromajer (by Tilman Baumgaertel); Telepolis, Verlag Heinz Heise, Hannover, Germany, 1999 - mirror (ENGLISH version)
  • epd Film 4/99 Journal - by Helmut Merschmann - June 26, april 1999
  • Wenn sich Medienkunst im Cyberspace in nichts auflöst - by Helmut Herschmann - Tagesspiegel, Berlin, Germany, February 22, 1999


"INTIMA opens a window on and for Slovenian art."
[by Intelligent Agent (Vol. 1, No.11, March '97, NY, USA)]

"Igor Stromajer aka intim@, one of the most prominent Slovenian web artists"
[by Inke Arns]

"Stromajer may become one of the leading figures in Slovenian art, if he already isn't."
[by S. Osmanagic, Delo, 2002]

"Igor Stromajer challenges his audience to freely associate based on quotes, links, and video fragments from the mass media and (cinema) history. And typically for him, he doesn't address the meaning of his work, but instead gives way to the fantasy of the audience."
[by impakt 2001]

"A true seeker of the emotional, intimate and personal aspects of the Internet and a militant striving to infuse this space with human warmth, Igor Stromajer is known as the author of a virtual base, called intima.org, which is welcoming and alluring, and yet non-lavish and non-seductive in its appearance. One of the most versatile artists on the Net, and the first cantor of HTML."
[by Rossitza Daskalova]

"Check out this online art experience, sure to spark your curiosity, make you think and maybe even make you laugh. The website as an art installation is filled with interactive elements. Have a look!"
gsm.art [by AbsoluteArts]

"...the offering of highly evocative often frustrating settings and sequences where the visitors are constantly asked to send in comments, comparing, for example, their own feelings and aspirations with those of the characters being presented. An important pit stop on the eastern European Web scene."
[by zoom net]

"Like other projects by Stromajer, GSMart is a very good example of 'classical' net.art conceptualism, using the tools and possibilities of the WWW in matters of design, interactivity, connectivity, delay, etc., for artistic realisations which are only possible in this medium."
gsm.art [by Andreas Broeckmann]

"Challenging works that reinvent Internet navigation and the narrow relationship between the network and fiction."
gsm.art and gps.art [by FCMM]

"Over the last few years, Igor Stromajer (Ljubljana) has developed several interactive web art projects. '0.html', for example, operates with a well known repertoire from computer games and the Internet: Upon entering, the user is confronted with warning messages hinting at limited access ('Access denied') and is asked to enter a password. If choosing the right one, s/he is permitted access to the different levels of '0.html': The Body Observation Section, The Communication Area, The Plain of Provocative Intelligence and The Archives of Conditions. All of these levels are linked to sound files. Jozip Broz Tito speaks to the nation, the US President explains the geopolitical role of the United States, Kraftwerk counts reversely and suddenly there is Neil Armstrong's voice from the year 1969, telling about the great leap for humanity. '0.html' is an archive of historical techno imagination, world politics and a grain of melancholy. At the end of the tour through this complex project, Stromajer confronts the visitor with the following words: 'Internet is the most primitive medium ever'."
0.HTML [by Inke Arns]

"The dedication of this web project to his dead father already suggests that b.ALT.ica is a personal and emotional work. Just as with other Stromajer projects of are the graphics beautifully reduced and the navigation obviously good. The contents on the other hand are less amenable but rather associative short stories."
b.ALT.ica [by transmediale99]

"... excellent pieces of computer based artworks, installations, net art and digital sound projects to the local and international audience."
[by Pd List Off Topic]

"This site is a creation of intim@ virtual base / generation 002, the brainchild of Slovenian artist Igor Stromajer. "b.ALT.ica." is a work that takes the visitor into the Great Beyond. Right at the start, the visitor is told that the work is dedicated to the artist's father, now living at "b.ALT.ica", the world at the end of time. Navigation is made easy enough through symbols appearing on screen, clicking on which allows the visitor to discover a world of many faces. This world does not represent any physical space, nor are there any time zones, though anti-virus protection is recommended. As the visit progresses, the viewer makes connections between the two worlds, which are in fact one and the same."
b.ALT.ica [by CIAC Electronic Art Magazine]

"Is there anybody our there? launched in 1998 by Igor Stromajer. This net.artwork deals with loneliness and communication and associates the loneliness that one can experience in cyberspace, behind one's computer window and space loneliness through the emblematic figures of Gagarin and Terechkova, being the only human "there" at a time, with no one to share the extraordinary moments they were living. In Stromajer's view, the two cosmonauts are the Adam and Eve of our new era. In this work, Gagarin and Terechkova become kinds of icons, part of a saga and of real history. Through them and their symbolic value, space has become part of history, of our life, something "usual".
e/motion [by Annick Bureaud]

"... hypermedia exploration of popular culture, current events, & sexual mores; interactive event commenting of aloneness with metaphor of astronauts ..."
intim@ [by Stephen Wilson - Conceputa/Information Arts Program, SFSU]

"an archive of historical techno-imagination, world politics and a grain of melancholy"
0.HTML [by Andreas Broeckmann]

"His recent navigational digital web movie, sprinkling menstrual navigator combines movies with written instructions that are alternately philosophical ("enjoy your sadness"), pragmatic ("enter by clicking enter signs"), or a synthesis of the two ("free your mind and the rest will follow"). The viewer then manipulates the work by clicking on individual film sequences. The resulting "short stories" rely on popular culture and individual (subjective) associations to create their full content."
sm.N - Sprinkling Menstrual Navigator [by Barbara Lee Williams, Leonardo/ISAST Awards Committee chairperson]

"A webmovie with restricted navigational possibilities that conveys a view of the current communications world in all its disjointedness and emotional range."
sm.N - Sprinkling Menstrual Navigator [by transmediale.01]

"... ist Intima wirklich ein Stueck Kunst im Netz. Zum Anschauen der Labyrinth-artig aufgebauten Site sollte man viel Zeit und einen flotten Rechner mit Multimedia-Austattung haben."
[by PC Welt]

"Stromajer wurde mit 0.html 1997 quasi über Nacht vom unbekannten zum bekannten Medienkünstler (auch SPIEGEL-Wettbewerbe haben ihr gutes...). Berüchtigt ist seine sorgfältige Programmierung: Stromajer-Seiten bestehen den Let's Putz-Test mit Glanz und Gloria. Und noch etwas macht ihn Stuttgart-tauglich: Stromajer hat das Handy zuende gedacht. GSM.ART stellt in diesem Zusammenhang basale Fragen wie: "how + where to vibrate a human being". Die Versuchsanordnungen erfordern allerdings gute Beziehungen zu einem Mobilfunk-Grossisten. short.art.service (SAS-Message) für "highest (+100%) beauty of art and science", Glück für Maschine und Mensch. Alle mit allen oder: die Intimität der Funkstrecke."
gsm.art [by Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival]

"Wenn ich mit neuerer Technik bessere Kunst machen würden, wäre ich ein schlechter Künstler", sagt Igor Stromajer und guckt kampfeslustig. Sein Haar ist kurz rasiert, seine Sonnenbrille schmal und sehr dunkel, an seinen Fingern schimmern Ringe. Der 31jährige passt in das Bild der modernen Internet-Szene, seit 1996 ist er mit Seiten im Netz präsent. Nicht mit dem neuesten Computer, aber seine Ausstattung reicht, wie er sagt. "Genug Technik, um gute Kunst im Netz zu machen". Igor Stromajer kommt aus Slowenien (...) aber ist längst in der internationalen Gemeinschaft der Medienfestival-Reisenden zuhause: Von der Transmediale über Dresden, Moskau bis nach Österreich und Übersee gern gesehen und nicht selten ausgezeichnet. "Es gebe so viele schlechte Maler, warum solle es nicht auch mehr schlechte Web-Künstler geben? Er schaut schon wieder provozierend.
intim@ [by Tina Heidborn - Tagesspiegel Berlin]

"Unter dem Kunstlerlabel Intima, 1994 gegrundet von Igor Stromajer mit dem Leitsatz 'Free Your Mind And The Rest Will Follow', werden zeitgenossische Kunstaktionen, radiophonische Forschungen und vor allem Netzwerkprojekte realisiert. Die Schlusselbegriffe aller Projekte sind Intimitat, Askese und interaktive Asthetik. Mit einem Repertoire aus Passwortern, limitiertem Zugang und Aufgaben, deren Losung den Benutzer auf die nachsthohere Ebene befordern, entstehen komplexe Labyrinthe, die von Computerspielen her bekannt und eine Mischung von Verfuhrung und Herausforderung sind. Die Intima Virtual Space Website ist eine Prasentationsplattform verschiedener Intima-Netzprojekte, darunter RE:DI/VISION, RE:LIGION und RE:VOLUTION, bei dem der Benutzer in der Rolle des GTA (Great Teacher and Astronaut) aufgefordert wird, kritische Statements zu Organization, Orgasm, President, Espionage, Family, Religion, Capital und Entertainment abzugeben. Intima Virtual Space ist ein Ars Electronica Web-Residence Projekt, online seit Juli 1997."
intim@ [by ArsElectonica Center]

"Zu den 'Netz-Werken' nach meiner Definition gehoren zum Beispiel die Homepage des Kunstlerduos Jodi 25, "intima 0.html" von Igor Stromajer oder die elaborierte Site des amerikanischen Anonymus Superbad. Obwohl einige dieser Kunstler Pseudonyme verwenden (und auch auf ihren Sites oft keine Hinweise auf die Identitat ihrer Schopfer zu finden sind), sind ihre Arbeiten die identifizierbaren Werke von individuellen Kunstlern, die sich weniger fur die kommunikativen Aspekte des Internets interessieren, sondern den User mit einem in sich geschlossenen Oeuvre konfrontieren. Alle diese Arbeiten sind netz-spezifisch, das heisst, sie konnten in keinem anderen Medium existieren, weil sie - zum Beispiel - mit den technischen Dispositiven der Browser-Software und den Ubertragungsgeschwindigkeiten des Internets arbeiten. Aber sie laden nicht zum Austausch ein, und ihre Interaktivitat beschrankt sich darauf, dass sich der Benutzer per Mausklick auf verschiedene Weise durch diese Sites manovrieren kann."
intim@ [by Tilman Baumgaertel]

"En véritable chercheur des aspects émotifs, intimes et personnels de l'Internet, et militant pour l'inclusion de la chaleur humaine dans cet espace, Igor Stromajer est connu comme le créateur d'une base virtuelle intitulée intima.org, qui se veut accueillante et attrayante, et pourtant retenue et sobre en apparence. Un des artistes les plus versatiles sur le Web, et le premier chantre de HTML."
[by Rossitza Daskalova]

"...sa richesse d'idées, son engagement artistique et politique forment un potentiel énorme qui mérite vivement d'etre soutenu."
[by Interferences / jury]

"A voir également, le site sérieux du lauréat Igor Stromajer, Mobile Trilogy qui persiste _ croire que 'le summum de la beauté de l'art et de la science est atteint lorsque la machine numérique accomplit un geste physique ou mécanique _ l'insu de l'_tre humain'."
[Créer l'interférence par Jérôme Duval; Canalplus.fr]

"Igor Stromajer au travers de l'écran questionne la solitude, l'altéirité, concepts usuellement intimes ('intima' terme repris dans le site) se trouvent distandus _ une globalité humaine: L'homme dans l'espace est confronté _ cette solitude globale face au globe terrestre."
[intima by Valéry Grancher]

"... e una controversa opera di net.art che mira a scandagliare uno degli aspetti piu oscuri della sessualita, l'incesto, attraverso testi e immagini d'arte che scuotono ancor di piu per l'uso di tecniche di programmazione in javascript che portano a far scomparire le finestre dallo schermo secondo movimenti graduali o a farle muovere autonomamente. Un lavoro inquietante e nondimeno coraggioso, che mette in luce la dimensione privatamente onnivora e voyeristica della rete decontestualizzando anche opportunamente immagini e simboli comerciali."
[i want to share you by Neural, Alessandro Ludovico, Italy]

"...un paseo por la vieja Europa ... una pieza de enorme complejidad en la que se combinan los gráficos, la fotografía, la imagen en movimiento y la música. Todo para evocar una Europa mítica, un continente por el que han deambulado algunos de los mitos del siglo XX. Igor Stromajer aborda con su particular poética los problemas sociales y políticos de un continente que se ha sumergido de lleno en la Red"
[what was he thinking about? by El Mundo, Madrid, Espana]

"INTIMA - Página do artista esloveno Igor Stromajer que reúne todos os seus interessantes projetos net-art, assim como textos, investigaç_es radiofônicas e açs_es artísticas. Entres os projetos em net-art, que exploram bem a interatividade com uma visualidade limpa e uma poética de intimidade, destacam-se Revolution, SM.N (Sprinkling Menstrual Navigator), um filme sobre amor, emoç_es e relaç_es interrompidas, GSMart, um projeto que esplora as possibilidades da web para arte"
[intima by Casthalia]

"LA TECNOLOGÍA PROMETE INMORTALIDAD - Una exposición de net.art en la Bienal de Montreal nos habla de la muerte y el más allá desde diferentes estéticas y puntos de vista (El País, 19 -10-2000). A través de la web de la Bienal (http://www.ciac.ca/biennale2000) podemos visitar las 10 obras escogidas y conocer las biografías de los creadores. Una de ellas (b.ALT.ica) fue concebida por el esloveno Igor Stromajer con motivo de la muerte de su padre. "La muerte se ha convertido en el último tabú y rituales y cultos han sido reducidos a su mínima expresión. Pero la red da la ilusión de proyectar la presencia de los difuntos en un espacio infinito, asegurándoles una especie de inmortalidad", afirma Stromajer. El sue_o de la inmortalidad por las propias fuerzas parece haber estado presente siempre en la historia del ser humano, y, sin embargo, _es imprescindible esta presencia virtual para sentir la proximidad de un difunto?, _podríamos aprovechar también el ciberespacio para ayudar a aceptar humildemente el límite y la mortalidad humanos? Así, y no basados en ilusiones irreales, es más fácil abrirse al maravilloso don de la Resurrección que nos viene por Jesucristo."
[intima by Marta Miquel, Espa_a]

"Den slovenske kunstner Igor Stromajer prasenterer her bl.a. netkunstvarket b.ALT.ica, som er dedikeret til hans afdode far, og som med en let og luftig minimalistisk grafik og en meget raffineret navigation forer os til landet efter dette."
[by Fagenes Infoguide, Danmark]

Orgasmus im Berlin è un 'net_video' di Igor Stromajer, brillante performer sloveno, da anni allo studio della rappresentazione del movimento corporeo attraverso gli strumenti della rete.
[MomEnt.16 / Orgasmus im Berlin by Neural, Alessandro Ludovico, Italy]

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