Digital Postage Stamps from Around the World
[a project initiated & coordinated by Parys St. Martin]
'Naked Diva' by Nainita Desai & Soundology


The project invited individual e-artists to design 1-4 'Digital Stamps' in the form of original images up to a maximum size of 5 x 7 inches each, and send in a good quality JPEG file of each of these to Parys by e-mail. These Digital Stamps immediately went online on Parys' website with a link back to the artist's own website.

Following up on this, each artist was expected to also then send 1 printed copy, or set, of the same stamp/s by postal mail to every other artist involved, allowing for every artist to eventually have a full set, and also partly so that any of the artists might organize a hard copy exhibition in their own countries if they wished to.

One exhibition of all of the stamps is to be put on show in Adelaide, Australia at the end of 2004.

With the project set to run right through 2004, the collection featured here dates from early-July 2004.


Parys St. Martin
Adelaide - Australia

Tibor Kovacs-egri
Budapest - Hungary

Ingrid Kamerbeek
Bavaria - Germany

Mike Butler
Ontario - Canada

Istvan Horkay
Budapest - Hungary

Vijay Kochar
Hyderabad - India

Norbert Strippel

John Labadie
North Carolina - USA

Rodney Chang (Pygoya)
Hawaii - USA

Shankar Barua
New Delhi - India

Hans-Dieter Grossmann

Nita Jawary
Melbourne - Australia

Oberzoegersdorf - Austria

Darin Ingalls
Minnesota - USA

Bernard Dumaine

Georg Hubner
Vienna - Austria

Henry Janok
Calgary - Canada

Hans Georg Turstig
Santa Fe - USA


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