Derek Sajbel (Dr. Rek)


DJ_BOOTY- Nirvana 2 : Electric Boogaloo

Indian Church - Fuzakenna : Japanese Man's Dead Face

TABERUJIKAN - Fuzakenna : Everything We Do Is Gold

Glassy - DnA bent Vol. 2 featuring Recipe

The Order - DnA bent Vol. 11

____ [______] (me-cha-ku-cha) absurd; chaotic; unreasonable; excessive; messed up; spoiled; wreaked. Mechakucha is the guiding force behind my work. It became my favorite word when I spent a semester in college studying abroad in Japan. It can be shortened to Mecha and placed before other adjectives to mean "very, very" or "absurdly".

I find that the world has and will always be in a state of Mechakucha. I enjoy tremendously the absurdity of it all, but at the same time, find the ever-spiraling self-destructive nature of our world quite appalling. I try and reflect and harness this balance in the projects I engage in.

I was introduced to Circuit Bending in 1995 by Q.R. Ghazala's track "Silence the tongues of prophecy" and accompanying bending article in the experimental instrument compilation "Gravichord's, Whirlies, & Pyrophones". While this got me looking at toys in a different way and trying to find bends, I didn't take a serious interest in actually hardwiring them till Andy Ben came along in 2002 and showed me what he had found on the Yamaha PSS-460. While the Musical Circus Stacker was my first completed device, the 460 is the most prolific, with 3 albums worth of material already recorded and more.

below: some of my 'Bentruments'

The Yamaha PSS-460 has 28 bends on switchs and momentary push buttons in two clusters which can be bridged by the 2 body contacts. It can be found on most of the DnAbent tracks.

The Leapfrog Musical Circus Stacker with 1/4" out and pitch up/down coarse and fine pot control can best be heard in the Fuzakenna track Circus CHIKAN

Creatoy picture panel with 1/4" out, Pitch Down, Up and Dirty Up with selection by switch and control by pot

VTECH Little Smart PC Fun with 1/4" out and 5 glitch switches can be best heard on the track pcfun vs. cello featuring Recipe

Creatoy Piano with 1/4" out and pitch down body contacts

WuvLuv Luvs U! On/Off Switch, 1/4" speaker cutting out, Glitch Button and Pitch Down, normal and up with 3-position switch selection and Pot Control. Pitch Up bend is upright sensitive so that tilting WuvLuv switches from pitch up to down. There are 2 main bends I've found thru the glitch button, the aleatoric "breakbeats", and the aleatoric melodys

Reed Ghazala (widely regarded as the father of Circuit-Bending) on "What is Circuit-Bending":

"Circuit-bending is an electronic art which implements creative audio short-circuiting. This renegade path of electrons represents a catalytic force capable of exploding new experimental musical forms forward at a velocity previously unknown. Anyone at all can do it; no prior knowledge of electronics is needed. The technique is, without a doubt, the easiest electronic audio design process in existence.

"The circuit-bent instrument, often a re-wired audio toy or game, is an alien instrument: alien in electronic design, alien in voice, alien in musician interface. Through this procedure, all around our planet, a new musical vocabulary is being discovered. A new instrumentarium is being born.

"Countless audio gadgets are experimental musical instruments waiting to happen. Circuit-bending's anti-theory approach to electronic design makes accessible to all audio explorers an endless frontier of original sound-forms to discover, and fantastic instruments to create.

"Within these adapted devices, along with the unusual voices of circuit-bending, are often found aleatoric music generators; that is, chance-music composers that stream unpredictable audio events: elements shifting and re-combining in fascinating ways.

"Body-contacts are also found through circuit-bending. These allow electricity to flow through the player's body, flesh and blood now becoming an active part of the electronic sound circuit. This interface extends players and instruments into each other, creating, in essence, new life forms. An emerging tribe of bio-electronic Audio Sapiens."

below: some images

Fractal Nightmare


Universe Converge


Derek Sajbel received a B.A. in cinema-television with a minor in Japanese studies from the University of Southern California in 2002. He has been producing albums, videos, art and absurdity since 1994. He currently resides in Echo Park in Los Angeles. Derek has been performing at events both VJing and doing live circuit bending for over one year. He curated the Video Art program and Electronic music evening at the multimedia art event Humanitarian Superpower ( Mr. Sajbel was a regular VJ at the [eraser] ( experimental music monthly. His music and videos have been released on the recent Phthalo Records Infinite Complexity Business CD compilation and Phthalo Records Infinite Complexity 4 mini video/audio compilation. He performed in the 2004 Center for Experiments in Art, Information, and Technology festival, and had a video installation in the 2003 CEAIT ( He has also been a featured video artist at the Hanger 1018 ( art/concerts. His current project is a documentary on Circuit Bending ( A large portion of his body of video, audio and other works are available on his website

MuZaQ Anthology
a sample of projects featuring Dr. Rek

  • DnA bent Vol.11 preview tracks, ARDCORE04, hodown, and the order.
  • Vol. 1 Destroy is a confabulation using samples off nearly all the tracks of DnA bent Vol. 1 by EMIS. Described by noted authoritarians as "Rad", "Wicked", "Hot", "Crazy" and "Awesome".
  • i still think this place is haunted featuring germs on turntables, dj money, dr. rek on bends, delay and tables and jEf on more bends and stuff, super secret haunted vocal cameos.
  • DnA bent Vol. 2 is the second all circuit bending album featuring the guest talents of Peter Jacobson(recipe), Yoko, Chris Martinez, Marianne Williams, Dave Lehr, and Scott Barber.
  • I think this place is Haunted is the recent experimental piece featuring Germs on the Twosies and Dr. Rek on the 460 with delay and radio interferenc
  • EXAXES:Silicone Faceplant work in progress mod trackz, bending, cello, trumpet and more
  • SAMANTHA BOBBLE track 7 samantha versus bubble bobble
  • Derek & Andy Bent Vol. 1, the all circuit bending saga has begun, open call for rmxs on this material please please please!
  • Fuzakenna : everything we do is gold is the follow up EP to Fuzakenna's Japanese Man's Dead Face, Hardcore impro 4-track jams recorded in ashland, oregon
  • Fuzakenna : Japanese Man's Dead Face the original 4 track jams recorded in the mellow dolphin jazz club storage closet with Dustin Wasserman while studying abroad at Tokyo International University in the fall of 2001
  • Language Problem : anguage roblem LP impro electribe fueled jams featuring dave aguilar, scott barber, drew and mike from spring 2000
  • The Tough Man Show is a radio broadcast that my friends Chris (Baboon Torture Division, Nirvana 2), BJ Winslow and I did back in the summer of 1999 on KRCB 91 Fm public classical radio in rohnert park, California. It features recordings that have anything and everything to do with Tough Men, as well as many circuit bent instruments. This is a 35 minute selection of excerpts recently discovered on a forgotten audio cassette.
  • Nirvana 2 : Electric Boogaloo is the old school (95-97) rock-parody album featuring Derek (DnAbent) and Chris (Baboon Torture Division), our #1 classic Christopher Walken is a Badass

Derek Sajbel
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