Bernard Dumaine
"Let's Assume" by Ashhar & Envision


I was born on August 20th, 1953 in Angouleme, France

Diploma in Sculpture with mention for drawing / 1977 / Angers, France

I have been drawing and painting for years,

mainly "organic" shapes without any preliminary plan or sketch;

Since 1977, I have been doing many solo or group local exhibitions,

until I started to use in 1999 both the digital process and internet.

The utilization of computer and digital softwares provided me the opportunity of exploring new ways of creation, though my inspiration remains the same.

Internet permitted me to show my works worldwide, and to have lots of contacts and connections with foreign artists, breaking teh boundaries I was in before.

I hope you would not mind for the few words about my works, but I prefer to let the pictures express themselves...

Apart from this, my job consists since 1986 in drawing locations (backgrounds) for cartoons.



Bernard Dumaine
21, Rue Paul Bert
16000 Angouleme