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Bacchus has been independently featured here before, and he's also been 'behind' almost all of the other earlier issues of The IDEA in some small measure: partly with his music contributions; partly with his inputs in selecting music/musicians; and partly just as the son of Shankar Barua, editor & publisher of The IDEA.

We're quite comfortable about that actually, as he's a handy benchmark of sorts with regard to his generation ~ the very first of all humankind to actually be born into and grow up in the new technologically empowered age that we're all seeing just the mere dawning of today.

When we started off with this, Bax was about 13-years old, a pretty normal school-kid, and just about beginning to learn music with a Korean nylon-string guitar and a simple MIDI keyboard. Today, he's just over 17-years old and struggling through his last year of school, which in India means he's got to score over 90% passing grades to have a decent choice of college! That's pretty tough stuff by any standard, so we certainly hope it's a plus-point that he's a decent enough student and citizen to have been elected Headboy of his school through this last year,.. and that he's been variously awarded for various extra-curricular activities at both the inter-school and intra-school levels.

On the music front, he's not done very much as studies and other extra-curricular activities with/for his school come first, but what little he has done has won him and his band a 'Best Instrumental' award at a major inter-school competition, and he also grabbed a Grade-3 classical-guitar qualification from the Trinity College system en passant last year. The rest is of course represented in the music-tracks above, only two of which are actually 'finished'. Ah!, Kids today!!

And as for the images below, well, we'd like to think that they can be taken as representative of how intuitive children have become, and are increasingly becoming, with digital-imaging in the normal course today ~ without any particular inclination towards plain imaging or imaging-as-art.



Bacchus Barua
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