Ashhar Farooqui & Envision


1. Desert Princess

2. Let's Assume

3. Toys

4. Starlight

5. Cooking Session

6. In Time

7. Ballad of a Madman

8. Fisheye

9. Expect Nothing

10. Rain

The fundamental meaning to mankind's evolution, civilization and every other great feat achieved so far has been our instinct to keep moving. To keep moving from point A to point B and then to C and D and E and then many more and still more. Also in the process, creating a center, defining it. Trying to discover again what we once created. The point to everything is to have a point.

I was in 12th grade (my final year of school) when I heard Led ­ Zeppelin. A year earlier I had smoked my first joint and heard pink Floyd. It completely blew my mind!!! It was such a strong affect that during the course of that same year I termed it as being over dramatic and almost designed to disturb (with all due respect to PINK FLOYD). Now coming back to led zeppelin. I still had a spliff with me at that time. They blew my mind as well!! But they showed me what metaphysical wonders music can reveal. I stuck on to them for a long time and they keep coming back sometimes. But hey!!! This article is about ENVISION. It's about my band, my homies, my brothers, my family. The people through who I saw, I learned, I created and now long to live with a goal in my mind. A point.

I got together with Abhishek Gupta (guitars) the man responsible for my initiation into the world of creating music. Before that I had been singing many Christmas carols and other gospel stuff for my school choir. Now I was singing our own very songs!!! These exclamation marks can't possibly describe that feeling. We felt that we finally had a purpose to change the scene. To write music that has never been written before and to write it in a way that it has never before been written in. (my drummer boy just walked in. It's two in the morning!! He is here to steal my house car so that he could take his girl out!! This is what I mean by them being my family and homies. (Well love makes u do crazy things.) Back to ENVISION we got Rinku (A Hindustani Classical Violinist), another Abhishek but this time an Arora (on da drummms), Dara (our brother on Bass) and Vinny (once a groupie who turned into an excellent percussionist. magic)

So there u have it. ENVISION. All this happened on a dull day in October 97. What followed next was seven years of mayhem! We wrote about 50songs (after about canning some 100 odd ones) and were playing concerts all over the country and all over the place, where ever there was a sound system ENVISION was there. We started the craze of writing ones own bloody music and playing it each time u hit a stage. We started an underground revolution where bands finally wrote their own stuff and played it out there. We won many competitions and released many singles. Experimented with all forms of music and you know that it lies in infinity. We made a lot of friends. Learned a lot. Started setting up home studios to record and bring out our music. We released our first album that came out of our own envision studio, New Delhi in 2003. It was called 'GRASS HOPPING'. We got some 500 copies out and were surprised to see them sell out on the first concert we played it at. Then we decided to write a full length well produced well-packaged album over the next year. In 2005 we invited one of our friends (Samrat) who was working in Bombay as a professional producer to help us. To bring close those loose ends in the production that we felt in 'Grass hopping' and that's when we came out with our first slickly produced album, 'PATTERNS AND MOODSWINGS'.

PATTERNS AND MOODSWINGS was written largely with an electronic approach. We used Proppellerhead's Reason, Steinberg's Cubase and Nuendo. Wavelab, Soundforge, lots of VST plugins and all our live elements fused with all that elektro magik . We would like to thank the developers of all these software for bringing the process of manufacturing music closer to the layman. It no longer remains the domain of the Elite. 'Patterns and mood swings' was completely produced on our pc and mastered in a friends hi- end studio. The point here being that one can finish albums sitting at home on a pc, a good sound card, decent monitors and of course the belief. We did it. Sample it. Please.

Our first promotional concert for the album was none other than the FREE TIBET CONCERT in McLeod Gunj. In the embrace of the Himalayas. We created history again in this circuit. On stage with the whole band was our sweet pretty pc. Take that Mr Sound guy! who first said it was impossible and then changed his mind by saying that its worth experimenting. To that ENVISION said "you are our kinda guy". We played to a crowd of over 500 people and by the the time ENVISION left the building it was raining cats and dogs, hailstorms and 300 copies sold. We were very happy. We followed it up with a lot of other big shows surprising our audience with the pc. One show worth remembering was World Music Day 2004. We played our set on the same stage as Vikku Vinnayakan and Salva Ganesh (musicians and human beings we respect and aspire to), The Nizami Brothers (age old delhi qwaals) and a brilliant French jazz band I forget the name of. They all had one thing to say. "Whats that????". " Well sir its our new member, goes by the name of pc!"

Envision has been about - going from one point to the next and then come back and go off again. Call it the cycle of creation or whatever. The boys in envision are no longer boys. They are men now with bigger goals to achieve, bigger dreams to dream and higher points to reach.

Abhishek(guitars) is going off to London for an advanced course in guitar playing and music production. Dara is playing with various other bands all over the world gaining experience and adding to his repertoire. Rinku is walking the earth and practicing and playing wherever he can. Almost as if in search of an unidentified truth. Abhishek arora is recording live drums and programming rhythm sections for bollywood films in mumbia. Vinny is in Australia doing an extensive 3 yr course in music specialising in percussion studies. I am producing music for various adverts, documentaries and short films, organizing concerts, playing with other bands and writing more new music.

So I would say ENVISION is on a holiday for a few yrs. It will be fair to let u dream a reunion. Its on the cards. A witch once told us that "@^$#%$$&*$#&". That remains to be seen. That's the point! Good luck my world.

above: the "Patterns & Moodswings" CD cover

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