Ansgard Thomson
Special selection of Computer art (1993-2003)
"Expect Nothing" by Ashhar Farooqui & Envision


No photographs or scans were used for these selected works.

"Cyberflower " digital painting

below: "Blooming in Cyberspace "

"My Sunflower"
Windows 3 ,PSP and Fractint were the first programs I explored.
This sunflower was my first mouse painting. Painted directly and manipulated in PSP

"Fame" generated in Fractint

Below: I have a selection of stars and "starwheels" all done in Fractint and later manipulated in Photoshop 2

This  one is called "Chief" generated in Fractint and finished in Photoshop
Guess who is the chief of Fractint?


Never found out why the wheel turns in Frontpage :-)
when moving the page up and down ,that is why I call them wheels.
"Someone reinvented the wheel of digital media after all ." :-)

"Artist 2000"
The Millennium artist looking at a screen instead of a canvas on an easel.
Challenging years ahead for the brave.

True joy to play with marvels again.

"Cloning of New Life "
A tree, is a tree, is a tree and nature is cloning new life ?
the curator for
NASA gave me an award of exellency in electronic art for
my website presentations of the "Green revolution"  and selected this work for "Earth Day "

"Spring Fever" was painted with the Wacom Pen
This fantasy was done on a snowy morning .
Please note there is only room for one chair,mine :-)
Many more followed ,just to prove one can paint
the traditional way with the computer  without scanning.

The computer brush has many sizes no limitation to use them
in any style selected.

"Going up in smoke"
Drawing and creating a suitable dramatic background

Using the wet watercolor brush to creat tranparent images .

"Waterbrush 8"

"Last time we talked"
The language is simple and the background is a paper imitation
with transparent watercolor.
and I could not stop talking "Go on Wacom Pen !"

"Golden Shield "
The aging artists needs a golden shield for protection from the invaders.
Drawing,layering, cut out, paste, can all be done in never ending forms.

Wonder always works in computer paintings ,because one move or another
push and pull leads to something new.
It becomes a process of the mind and the subconcious the computer can handle

Taking the edge out of several abstract works and make them seamlessly
connected in one image has a true edge over  the traditional way of doing art.

"Melody loop"
Needless to say drawing and manipulating loops
is like moving the pen with music.

A fantasie about the future of a digital presentation on a big screen.
The stage is set and the music is on.
So sorry "I am not young enough to know it all"

Ansgard Thomson
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