Warren Furman

Genuine do-it-yourselfers become involved in all kinds of neat and sloppy endeavors, which might explain how I became, amongst other things, a computer programmer, furniture designer, house and piano rebuilder, businessman and website designer. I've also been a salesman, handyman, soldier and tennis pro, but prefer to think of myself simply as one who loves, and loves to create, music and art.

My formal education has been diverse, but to focus on music, I received my B.A. degree from Queens College, NY (now SUNY) and some insights into world music, ethnomusicology and experimental music at Wesleyan University, CT.

My music has won a variety of awards and prizes and has been heard in concert, on FM stations and at several American music festivals.


Sound Track:


Special Forces:

"A welcome addition to any collector who enjoys electronic music."

"Flawlessly composed and executed, Furman has created a work of both timeless quality and universal appeal."

" ...occupies terrain into which few venture. Furman's music has a darker sheen. It draws out like a spider's web, with straight and triplet figures scampering past glacially shifting drones and tone clusters. With each new line, bundle of notes or gesture, a new structure emerges to create new and still-evolving contexts for the structure that preceded it. Throughout all of his work, a sense of mystery and restlessness prevails."

-George Graham, WVIA-NPR

"I was very impressed. Your music expresses human feeling and a lyricism quite Latin!"
-Arnoldo Franchetti, composer

"I've just given another thorough listen to your KALEIDOSCOPE and had an absolutely moving experience with it. I especially like TwoSum, Canon and Satyricus. Satyricus is great!"
-Ronn Yedidia, composer

Hey Coach,
You've been hiding your genius a little too well on the courts all these years. This CD is the berries! I love it. Very enjoyable. Very inspirational, very energizing, very thought provoking, very "what the hell have I done with my life so far". It is definitely doing my Stinger justice. You certainly cover the scale from beautiful and sublime to raucous. And this is from a computer??? Jeez. You certainly would be at home in the concert venues at Bennington. You have made the future happen now. Thanks for the opportunity for me to glimpse toward the horizon. Sometimes for me electronic music can seem coldly mechanical. This seems to be expressing the age old notions of human emotions and ideas via today's most recent technological medium. There is a human being expressing something with these contemporary sounds, not some whizz bang kid saying " jeez, look at the noise I can make with this new fangled machine". You scored an ace coach.
Your newest fan,
-Peter Quigg, English teacher and tennis player extraordinaire

This was such a delightful and totally unexpected message from a new friend that I couldn't resist reproducing it here.


About my Paintings

Digital art is an extraordinarily exciting new medium that closely resembles the digital revolution in music and the way music is created, recorded and archived ~ so much so in fact that I could not resist applying some of the techniques I use in composing electronic music to my visual art. Instant gratification is nice, and I experienced much of it at first, but as anyone will tell you who has used professional graphics programs like Illustrator or Photoshop and then tried to create faithful and enduring prints of their work, the learning curves can be very long and very steep indeed.

So I can't say that the transition from electronic musician to digital artist was a smooth one. But I am pleased to report that the migration of the techniques went marvelously well and that nothing could please me more than to one day combine these two disciplines in one dynamic work. Sometime in the near future, perhaps...

My formal training in art derives from classes in art and architecture at Pratt Institute, the University of Cincinnati, Wesleyan University and Queens College (SUNY) and covers, though not always in the greatest depth, everything from ceramics and sculpture to painting and figure drawing. I've done little so far to have my art exhibited in real world galleries, but have participated in a few group shows in cooperation with the Renaissance 2001 project in addition to one or two others. My works "hang" in several online galleries.


About my tables...

The sixties were challenging times for aspiring composers. I had just won more prizes than any young composer has any right to expect, and yet, after some profound musical soul searching, found myself mostly rejecting the great wave of serialism that was engulfing the contemporary music scene. Whether with good reason or not, I'd decided not only that contemporary classical music was dead, but, in fact, that all fine art was dead as well. There's a whole lot more to this story than I can possibly tell here, but it's how I got into an "art" that most people will surely see as merely a craft. You will have to decide for yourself.

I'm not sure whether replacing all of the plumbing in an old house is an act of sheer folly, or whether the satisfaction of having done so justifies the effort. In any case, I found great satisfaction in getting rid all of those old pipes and replacing them with bright new copper tubing. The materials, in fact, were such a pleasure to work with that I was inspired to fashion them into a cocktail table. Friends were intrigued by our new addition and, one thing leading to another, I found myself designing a variety of sculptural, geometric shapes for my new art-tables business.

That was many years ago. There has been a long hiatus during which I returned to composition and, as you can see, become involved in the exciting world of digital art. Bronze fittings with their strong masculine character are no longer manufactured, alas. But these new all-copper bases, if less masculine, are certainly more elegant. I'm finding new pleasures in putting them together.

Warren Furman
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