Keith Wigdor

'Fly' by Arjun Sen (Kitty on Drums)


"Surrealism is the key to the universe, not only to man's dreams"

Hello to all my fellow artists around the world. My name is Keith Wigdor and I am an Abstract/Surrealist Artist. That quote is the philosophy that drives my art. I keep on repeating that to myself everyday. I am an Artist who works in both schools of Abstract Art and Surrealism. My goal is to bring both schools together as one. I was born in The United States of America on August 10, 1965. I attended The College of Staten Island between the years of 1983 to 1985 and I majored in Liberal Arts. I foolishly dropped out of College in 1985 to pursue a job with a Financial company that eventually went out of business in 1992.

Throughout the late 1980's and 1990's, I worked in many different areas within the public and private sector until 1997, when I decided to pursue art full time (since I had put that off since 1985), that is, a career in the arts. I have been blessed with love and support of fellow artists and family and friends. Many of my friends who are artists are all over the world, and have a rich history in the arts besides exhibiting for many years. I first became interested in Art when I was 12 years old. I watched a documentary on television about Salvador Dali and that changed my life. I was fascinated with Dali and also very excited by his drive for art and life. I became exposed to other artists in the late seventies and early 1980's that were a great inspiration to me.

I was 14 years old in 1979 when I purchased the record, "THE VELVET UNDERGROUND AND NICO" with the Andy Warhol artwork on the cover. That is the piece with the bananna and one of my favorites. That made me realize the potential of Pop Art and the limitless nature of many of the schools that followed since. I worship a select group of artists from different schools that had a great influence on my art. Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Yves Tanguy, Kay Sage, Alexander Calder (big influence on my abstract art), Leonor Fini,Oscar Dominguez, Andre Masson, H.R. Giger, Giacomo Balla, Umberto Boccioni, Nicolas DeStael, Arshile Gorky, and Keith Haring. These are numerous other artists from many schools that had a profound influence on me. I also love New Media and I love Fantasy and Science-Fiction Art too. Bob Eggleton is a master and also Frank Wu, who I love. I love Clive Barker's Surreal Art too.

I have been influenced by many schools, but the two that are most important to me are Abstract Art and Surrealism. I intend to, "Morph" the two together as one. It has been done before and I want to carry on this attempt. The realization that both schools have evolved through the 20th Century and are still evolving fascinates me. I intend to help this process go on and I am immersed in this. I have been blessed with support by legendary artists who seen my vision and approve of it. The first person to ever discover me is an artist, Jac Depcyzk. Jac is a legendary cyberartist whose illustrations and art has appeared in many magazines. I loved his art and he was kind enough to take a look at three of my pieces and he liked them. He is the man responsible for placing me on the Internet. His website that displays my art is:

I've now been working in Digital Art for three years, 1998 to the present, and I work in Adobe Photoshop and Bryce 4. I like to experiment with Filters in Adobe 5.0 Photoshop and that is the main focus of my artworks that were created in Adobe 5.0. I start out with an empty canvas in Adobe. I add paint and then layer many filters on top of one (50 or so) another to come up with stunning visuals. The tweaking and adjustment of color is the most difficult thing to do. Bryce 4, is such an adventure to work with, and I am still in the process of learning all the tasks that you can accomplish in Bryce 4, and also working it with other programs too. As I was working in Adobe 5.0 Photoshop there was a substantial amount of artworks that I created, where I had to start making an inventory of them and attempt to display them.

This is where I met Ingrid Kamerbeeek. Ingrid Kamerbeek discovered me after seeing my work on Jac's selfcell website and falling in love with my art. Ingrid was fascinated with a piece that I did called, "DIGITAL CANONIZATION OF A SAINT". That is the piece with the wires in it from the selfcell website. Ingrid asked me if she can display that piece on her website and I was honored to say the least. I already knew of Ingrid Kamerbeek from her, "KING OF CYBERSPACE" piece, and she also sent me her autograph on a print of one of her works a while back. So we both knew of each other, but I was very taken with Ingrid's rich history in the arts. Ingrid Kamerbeek is a legend in Sonthofen Germany(and she is well known in Germany) and I was so flattered that she liked my art. Her career of art exhibitions is stunning to say the least and she is currently working with Pygoya on the EHHC World Cyberart Exhibit. Ingrid displayed four of my artworks on her website and she introduced me to her friend, Inga Schnekenburger. Inga Schnekenburger is an artist from Germany who is also very amazing to say the least. Inga has two of my artworks on her Salvador Dali Tribute webite: "DALI DISCUSSES SCUBA-DIVING WITH MASSON" and also "THE MORPHING QUESTION".

Thanks to both Ingrid and Inga, I have recieved exposure from both artists. I eventually became friends with an Abstract/Surrealist Artist and Author, Nori Muster. Nori is a kindred spirit and stunning artist to say the least. My mouth drops every time I look at her great art. Nori picked me up on her website: and I have been blessed with her friendship since. She is a fascinating artist and personality. I highly recommend to readers of The Idea to check out her art.

As I was going on with my Digital Artwork on the Internet, I was approached by THE SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY WRITERS OF AMERICA, who publish a Magazine called, "THE BULLETIN". They needed Cover Art for their winter 2001 issue, which I gladly provided. The name of the piece is called, "INVERSE" and it is more of an Abstract Design than the usual norm of my work. The piece attempts to capture what "might" happen inside a warp drive of a spacecraft. Readers of The Idea can look at the piece at these two websites: back issues, winter 2001 and also: click on wigdor k, Keith Wigdor.

Since having done the Magazine Cover for SFWA, I have been blessed with many different offers and also collaborations with other artists. My most recent work is online at: That is a website of a great Techno-Industrial-Trance Band from Toronto, Canada called DISTANT SUN. The band DISTANT SUN has a record out called, BLINDING SUN on the HEXAGON record Label, and I did the artwork for their website that is online. That artwork was done especially for DISTANT SUN and cannot be found anywhere else. The Band are friends of mine, and the guitarist, Kris Leeson is a good friend and fellow artist. I ask of The Idea readers to definitely check out DISTANT SUN's music. It is so good.

I have also been very active in providing Psychedelic/Surrealist Art to a website in North England,TheDoors4Scorpywag that pays tribute to THE DOORS. The Legendary 1960's rock group, THE DOORS were a profound influence on me and I jumped at the chance to provide artwork to this website, TheDoors4Scorpywag: <>.

I ask of the readers of The Idea to pay attention to the summer issue of that website where both my art and poetry will be on display. As you can see I have exhibited my art extensively on the Internet, but I have never exhibited my art in any gallery event or show as yet, except the Exit Art Exhibit in NYC for the Sept.11 Tragedy of the WTC. I submitted an ink drawing that I'd worked on in Adobe 5.0, done in the Keith Haring Style that I love. So, I have never exhibited in a gallery show, but I intend to in the future.

I live in Staten Island, New York but I really would love to exhibit my art in galleries in San Francisco, CA. first and then New Delhi, India. I should be so lucky to have my dreams come true! I'd gravitate towards Asia first, if I was to ever exhibit any art in a gallery. Only time will tell if my visions come true! I also hope to showcase my art in galleries in Russia and Europe before The USA, but I should be so lucky! As of right now, I am happy with the Internet since the whole world has access to see my art!

Readers of The Idea can look at my most recent art and my best work at, NowSurreal UK: That is a Surrealist Art website that has my best work. I am also showcasing my art for online at: That is an Art Magazine that picked me up to feature in their next issue that will come out any day now. I also would like to mention the names of my artist friends who not only have blessed me with support and friendship but the drive to keep on going with my art. They are Ingrid Kamerbeek, Inga Schnekenburger, Nori Muster, Greg Simpson, Lorena Guzman, Kris Leeson (DISTANT SUN), Paul Levinson (sci-fi author of THE SILK CODE), Jac Depcyzk, Ian Eade, Richard Dotson and Derek Scefonas from NowSurreal UK, Pablo Weisz Carrington, Zara (at THE ALCHEMIND SOCIETY), Peter Lewis (Collage artist from WARP ART), My dear friend Claudio Parentela (legendary and famous artist from Sicily), Jeff Monje and everyone at CHURN ART MAGAZINE, everyone at SFWA and also to all the artists that I have mentioned as my influences!

I intend to keep on going with my art for many more years and I hope that as long as there is an interest in my work then I will keep on providing it! PEACE and HAPPINESS to EVERYONE! Thank You.



Keith Wigdor
8 Evelyn Place
Staten Island, NY 10305