Cindy Mills

'A Myth' by Laurie Spiegel


I live in Scotland with my son and partner of 10 years although I originally come from the east coast of England and am 42 years old. I am an artist and hypnotherapist, and if someone ever asked me to choose between these two activities, that earn me my living I would find myself in a real dilemma. I appreciate this puts me in a hugely enviable position and I am incredibly grateful for my blessings.

I've always enjoyed art but even at school it was never so much about the end result but more about the feeling it gave me while constructing something. A kind of 'lost in space' feeling, that some people experience while tending their gardens, or cleaning their car. I was never given the opportunity to study art, which I now regret because it limits me, however I believe I've made the most of any talent I do have.

I've always dabbled, throughout my life because of the enjoyment I get from creating something. I've written poetry, attended pottery classes, glass painted, silk painted. I've even painted murals on the walls of my home!

And then the computer came.

And with the printer a free software program called Adobe 2.

I literally immersed myself in that program for 3 years, it opened doors for me to express myself artistically that I could never access before. And now, 3 years on the mouse is like a paintbrush and I'm so familiar with the program that when I try to teach others how to use it I struggle to remember where everything is because I'm having to think, where as when I work on my own I don't think. I just let go.

People have suggested to me on numerous occasions to 'move on' to a more advanced program but that would be like encouraging a painter using conventional paintbrushes to use airbrushes. It would bring dissonance to an experience I already enjoy too much to change. An experience that I can only liken to the feeling swimming underwater brings me or floating in space might.

At first the work I did was given to friends (and still often is) but more and more people began to ask if I would be prepared to sell my art which of course increased my self confidence and placed some value on my skills. It truly is a particularly special pleasure to know that someone likes something you have created enough to want to purchase it. To hang it in their own space at home or in their office.

I would like to think that my art makes people 'feel' something. I want them to have a good or interesting visual experience of course but most of all I want them to feel the images 'presence' (almost like a living object) just as I did when I created it.

I also use my art in appropriate situations while practising hypnotherapy and guided visualisations. And often create something for someone specific when words just aren't enough.

My dream in life is to produce a CD containing visual images, sound and constructive verbal suggestions to be shown in an environment such as planetarium dome, the purpose of which being to create an interactive meditative state. A kind of '2002 version' of relaxation tapes or videos, that have been popular over the last 10 years or so.


The Human Race is Calling

An inexplicable Fear of the Dark

'home sweet home'


for 'Egon'

Watching Time

Black and White

Birds Eye View

The Scream 2002

The Cloak of Religion

Joy Rider


Like Minds


Kerb Crawler


Rainbow Corner



The Graffiti Artist


My Tools: Adobe Photoshop 2 / Professor Franklins Photo Effects / Kais Supergoo

Resume: I have been involved in a variety of small design projects for my local government authority. Projects in the main concerned with highlighting and advertising services for young people and issues surrounding deprivation and poverty. I have also been given various opportunities in recent times to enjoy the preparation and participation in several public exhibitions, most probably due to the increasing interest in Digital Art as a new medium.

Statement: Until 3 years ago I enjoyed the experience of paint, the colours, fluidity, and variety of textures. Following my introduction to digital art however I became increasingly enthusiastic about this medium and felt that digital provided me with a far greater degree of flexibility and tended to meld better with my life-style. My own technique began to develop and evolve and although I still do occasionally return to my conventional 'paintbrushes', I find that digital art is less fraught with the frustration I sometimes encounter with paint. One of the most important concerns for me while using art to express myself, is fluidity, therefore digital art is now my main vehicle for this.

The advent of the World Wide Web has also of course also influenced my interest in the digital art technique, the internet providing an opportunity to participate in the World of Art, rather than being restricted to my own community.

I have chosen to submit these particular pieces of work, because they depict and capture both my personal and artist development over the last 3 years.

Comment: I believe that self-expression through art gives me continuous visual access to my own growth. My work as a qualified hypnotherapist (working with both individuals and groups of people) enables me to draw upon my images for verbally creative therapies such as guided visualisations, and also allows me to use my experiences to illustrate my feelings. Both aspects of my work involves the process of transformation, whether that be on personal level or by assisting others to review and recreate aspects of their lives which cause discomfort and disease.

Cindy Mills
1A Trinity Place
Fife ­ KY8 4NY
United Kingdom