Timeless in Digital Country

'Cosmos' by Laurie Spiegel


Digital art ~ something which has opened new worlds for plenty of artists. People who are not 'artists' can create their own impressions from life too, with simple digital tools. I know many designers who've now begun to create artworks with computer programs. It is easy enough for them because they have the taste for art and that burning urge to create. Even children now have digital possibilities for making wonderful artworks without any hesitation. And sometimes they even use modern computer programs more intuitively and easily than old masters.

Children have pure and deep emotions. The world of digital art helps them to express their feelings. Often it is difficult to understand the difference between an adult's artwork and a child's. For example, two digital artworks by my son Dima, reproduced on the last IDEA gazette (#5), convey such a strong image of his emotion that some of my friends actually doubted that a child created them. It was a wonderful confirmation of my thoughts about the creative possibilities that the digital arts present for people. To me, it is an interesting possibility for different people to be in the country of art by themselves. Emotions are the main foundation for every kind of art, and digital art gives the chance to express strong emotions.

I'd like to put down a few words about my artworks represented on this gazette. I like the feeling of mystery I have in the process of creating my images. I do not know what image I will have at the end of my work. I begin the work, and the country of digital art allows me to be inside the country. I must be sure and calm. I must know the instruments presented me by the program I am using. It is like the laws of nature ~ I must have much respect for them. I can use any instrument in creating my images; I can change my images; I can add new information to them with different filters; I can retrace my steps and change direction. Perhaps that may even be the most important instrument for me. Have we such possibilities in real life? We cannot change the past Nevertheless every person would like to return in time. Probably every person needs to change something or the other in his or her past. So, have digital artists the chance "to return to the past"? Yes indeed. Often I make the journey because I need to change my early steps in digital country, steps taken in the creation of a digital artwork. It presents a feeling of freedom for me. Time is almost nonexistent in this country. Time is strange in the country of digital art.

I would like to save the feeling of night dreams in my images. Diaphanous and ephemeral visions not wishing to be seen as simple images. It is difficulty to catch them. I have attempted to do it by digital art.


"St. Petersburg Women"

"No comment"


"The feeling of St. Petersburg"

"The space of memory"


"The hope"

"Thoughts of night buildings"

"The window of recollections"

"The way inside country of dreams"

"The dream of night city"

"The person in the city"

Catherine Yakovina
18-3-37 Botanicheskaya
Staryi Peterhof
St. Petersburg, 198904