Anjali Arora

'Kirvani' by Michael Robinson


Objective: Participate constructively in the new digital world by studying and understanding how new media and new technology affects us, and how we can build a more sustainable future through imaginative and humane use of technologies.

My New Media works & Fine art: My Net art piece 'Urban Lullaby' talks about our urban lives---the importance that we unconsciously attach to all the urban noises around us. This Net art piece has been honored in the 'Excellent Artists' category at the Art on the Net 2001 Festival sponsored by the Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo, Japan.

My new media work "Globalization' at was selected recently for the MediaTerra International Festival organized by Fournos Center for Art & New Technologies, Athens. This is a traveling exhibition, starting its journey in Athens, and moving on to Sofia, Latvia, Belgrade, Maribor, and culminating at the International Book Fair in Frankfurt. Details of this festival can be seen at

My digital artwork 'Sensuous' was short listed at the Siggraph Singapore digital art contest, 2001.

Have been experimenting with digital arts & web art using the latest softwares. Some of this work can be seen at: and and

My current experiments also involve using digital means to roughly plan out an artwork, and once I am happy with the results, to broadly translate it into a painting using traditional media. I am currently refining this method of work. On my site at, you will see a number of abstract works. I am fascinated with these kinds of abstract splashes of color; and am now trying to effectively transfer them using traditional media.

My Corporate Experience: As Chief Creative Officer of DecisionCraft Analytics over the last two years, I have constantly stretched the scope and contribution of my design team to meet the company goals. At the same time, I find a constant need to educate the client on the value of a well-designed interface, and that a designer does much more than 'paint screens'.

Today, I oversee a team of 8 web designers, developers and graphic designers. The goal of my team is to create more user-friendly web interfaces and applications GUIs, for I firmly believe that technologies and the machine must adapt to the human, and not vice versa.

Given the breadth of the subject of Human Computer Interfaces, it is a considerable challenge to meet the above stated goal.

Some of these URLs are:,, and

Thumbnails of some of these interfaces created by us are shown at left:

In May 2000 I served an artist residency at the Anderson Center for Inter-disciplinary Studies at Red Wing, MN, USA. During my one-month stay here, I absorbed the atmosphere around me, and made a number of sketches and watercolors then. These can be seen on my website at in the What's New section.

I am essentially a self-taught painter, having learnt from studying the French Impressionist masters like Cezanne, Renoir, Degas etc. The paintings on my site ( date from 1997 onwards. I have worked in a variety of media like oils, watercolors, pencil, charcoal, pen & ink etc. My subjects range from still life to townscapes to florals to interiors.

In my spare time I'm into reading, writing, watching films, and lately nurturing ambitions of making digital films.

above: 4 examples of Anjali's standalone Communications Art Pieces
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 Urban Lullaby

below: a few of Anjali's Digitally-Developed traditional Oil-Paintings

A Bad House

A Bad Street

Still Life ~ Kettle

Still Life ~ Kitchen

Still Life 03

Still Life 19

Town 15

E-72 Akash, Bodakdev
Ahmedabad (Gujarat), INDIA