In Memoriam: John Fahey, Feb. 28, 1939 - Feb. 22, 2001

picture of john  

"I do not, and have never thought of myself as a "folk" musician or a new age musician, guitarist, or sympathyzer. I despize all "revivalists" of folk music, and I despize all "New Age" music.

I have never used my music or stage or anything to push some kind of politics or ideology or religion or whatever.

In all my music I never tried to do anything except express emotions, sometimes very dark emotions, depression, hatred, etc., in a coherent musical language.

My category is Alternative, period. I object to any other categorization.

I do hope that nobody will try to make me out as a child of the sixties. I was playing what I play before and after the sixties. This period had very little effect on me. I was never a hippie, and had no hippie friends. "

(Notes to City of Refuge.)

- John Fahey  

This page made in memory of John by Laurie Spiegel, Feb. 26, 2001,
in part to set the record straight on how he wanted to be thought of, to rebut some of the obituaries.